When You Dream

When you work hard, and you give all of your attention to an ambition and a purpose, you find little things keep you focused as you strive towards bigger things.

ISdcyiv8ea1asn0000000000There is a little white house I have a picture of on my desktop. While I’m working I stare at it, I dream about it. It’s not too far from here, tucked on a side street near the grocery store. I’ve been by it on my bike and slowed down to take a look. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not stalking the people that live there. It’s empty. For sale. So, its my tiny little dream house. I bike slowly by it and smile…..then rush home to work harder.

One day, I’ll do well. I’ll do so well I’ll be able to take that little white house and make it my home. No one will ever be able to ask me to leave. I’ll step through the front door, greet little Mario and think how I went from homeless to homebody. I’ll have a real home with a table where Sundays are spent sharing my big pot roast dinner with my friends. A home where a carved snaggle toothed pumpkin grins on the front stoop at Halloween, and a simple lit tree graces the front window at Christmas. A home with a nice sized bed that I can tuck into at night with a comforter smothering me, where a back porch greets my morning coffee with the grins of gerbera daisies catching the first drops of day’s sunlight. I’ll have a pot of coffee on constantly in case anyone should come by for a visit. The smell of fresh linens tumbling in the dryer wafts subtly through the air. And look at all the room in the front yard to play croquet!

To be honest? I don’t wanna be the former homeless guy who lives in a 10×20 room anymore. I don’t. I wanna go big. I really do. I want a home. A real one…..for good. For life. A place where memories are made. A place that I’ll never want to leave….and a place no one could take from me. I go by that house often, smiling. I love its energy.

So, all I need to do is sell a couple of hundred thousand patterns, books, and teddy bears and that little house is mine. In the meantime, dreaming of that little house keeps me working hard, brightly smiling, and reminding myself that when we dream, we accomplish amazing things. Little bears in little hands and the smiles they bring will make a dream come true some day.

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  1. Hold on to that dream! Hold it and keep it close, and I hope one day it becomes your reality.

    When my husband and I were still apartment-bound, there was a little house I used to drive by whenever I took a shortcut home, and I loved that house. I would sometimes daydream about us buying it and starting our family there. It was for sale for a while. Then it wasn’t, and I tried not to let myself get too disappointed, even though I thought I was being silly since we weren’t in any position to buy a house anyway. Then, a few years later, when we started looking, I drove by it again, and it was for sale. We went to look at it, thinking it probably wouldn’t live up to our expectations–but it exceeded them. Somehow it all worked out and we were able to buy it. And it has been our home for years now, and we love it just as much as the first time we looked at it. It is the home we brought our daughter to when she was born.

    So hold on to your dream, Gregory. It will happen one day, I have every faith. Even if it isn’t that house for whatever reason, you will find YOUR home, and you and Mario will make it everything you want it to be. 🙂 Those are the dreams that keep us going and they are precious.

  2. I know what you mean Gregory. My land lady said I have to get rid of my canaries and I can not breed them. They aren’t hurting anyone and their only fault is they sing. So I’m trying unsuccessfully so far to sell them. Then sell most all of my stuff which isn’t much and try to drive my 94 Chevy van with my little dog “Shoe shine boy” (Shoe for short) to Phoenix where my daughters and grand kids live. If I could have kept on for one more year I’d have a small down payment. I’m 68 and I was born too soon and started too late. But I’m not gonna give up, some day I’ll have a little white house like yours soon to be. I have to check if I can take 9 birds with me across state lines. If I can I will start over again in Phoenix where hopefully I will be able to find a small little rent to own house where I can continue to raise my birds. It would be perfect if someone like you was the “Boy next door”. Yur my idle. I continue to crochet my afghans and rag rugs and sew my corn bags. Maybe I will be able to sell them in Phoenix where I hear they have a huge swap meet. Someday, I can’t say when I’ll be able to order one of yur bears. They all are a treasure and so are you. God Bless you, Hugs, Tobias…Frankenmuth, Michigan

  3. Keep at it Gregory. I was homeless in my teens. I struggled throughout my twenties but in my 30’s it all came together. I worked hard, saved a deposit for a mortgage on a modest house and by my late 40’s was mortgage free. I’m still in my modest house, been here for 21 years now with my kitties and I’ve no desire to move to a big grand place. This is home and one day you’ll have your own modest little house too. 🙂

  4. We, too, had a dream house that we’d alter our course so could see it. Clean, simple, just big enough for us (and our cat), and empty, though not for sale. We took a chance, contacted the owner and inquired about renting w/ option to buy … and we’ve been here for 17 years now! May your dream have a similar happy ending!

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