My Patterns on Ravelry

IMG_0768Ok, so I’ve had a lot of people ask, “Why don’t you sell your patterns on Ravelry?” Good question…..I don’t have an answer. I dunno! Honestly? I just don’t know! I do like the ease of Craftsy, and love LOVE the way they handle all the payments. No invoices at the end of the month. But, seems so many of you really love going through Ravelry, so I’m good with that! Not sure how to promote it on Ravelry, but I’m hoping all of you will be able to tell your friends on Ravelry about the link to my little shop.

So, here you go. All my patterns are now for sale on Ravelry. And thanks for the heads up on that. I’m hoping this be another way for little Mario and I to pay the rent, keep the lights on….and order a dang pizza every once in a while……and a few dollars closer to getting my own little tiny white house.


If you’d like to buy my knitting patterns on craftsy, click here.

If you’d like to buy my knitting patterns on ravelry, click here.

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!



  1. I adore ravelry as i can keep them in my library and print when I want, esp on holiday to get some wool and needles and then just pick a pattern I already have! 🙂 I am off to make sure I have them….

  2. I suggest we all show our support my marking these patterns at Favorites. I also have mine in Queue and have made comments. This way they will appear closer to the top on searches

  3. YES! Now I can buy a pattern from you as a gift for some one I don’t know (as a Random Act of Kindness. I look for some one who has queued a pattern from you and buy it for them). THANKS!!!!

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