A Friendly Bear For Christmas

IMG_0812So, here’s the plan. I wanted to do something special for Christmas. A special bear just for Christmas. Here he is. A simple little bear with a friendly face, slightly hidden behind his little cap, his little pout proudly above his mock sweater. I know we are just at the whisper of October, but the plan was to get this little guy adopted out, so that I could make sure every single bear gets to their adopted home by Christmas day. Therefore, only 10 of these will be sent out. And if all 10 of them get adopted, I’ll be set with rent for the next two months and that will allow me the time to get some older orders to where they need to be. So this friendly bear means a lot to me. He’s going to make this year end on a high note. His journey will allow us to start January 1, 2015 with no back orders. And we start next year doing fascinating and wonderful things.

He’s made of Lionbrand’s Fisherman’s wool in Nature’s Brown and Creme, with his little mock sweater and hat made of Lionbrand’s Wool in Ranch Red. Great color combos. Perfect for Christmas. And nicely simple.

If you’d like to adopt him, just click on the picture.

IMG_0811Oh! and as I was taking pictures I noticed Mario sleeping on her side of the bed so I couldn’t resist putting the bear up beside her. She woke up and gave me this look.

“Dude…..I was sleeping.”

Just take the picture and try and look happy.

“I was dreaming I was chasing a lizard and I had almost got him.”

Just sit there for a second and take the picture…..and try and look friendly.


So, all 10 Christmas bears are complete with a numbered and signed card by me. This is going to be an amazing way to end the year. 🙂 This is bear number 1. Who wants him?

If you’d like to buy my knitting patterns on ravelry, click here.

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  1. I recently saw where a group of women were knitted Teddy Bears and sending them to African children, so I went on line to look for a pattern. I went to your page, first because I LOVE your bear. I tried to adopt your newest bear made with Cascade Eco Cloud yarn. Of course it is not available at this time. I am not surprised. Please keep me in mind when it will be available. I did buy your new Christmas Bear. Adorable! I am so inspired by your story. Your determination and love will get you through. I will be following you with fondness and best wishes to you.

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