The Madeleintosh Bear

IMG_0866I was given some Madeleintosh yarn a few weeks ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed the feel of this yarn. Nice and plush, exquisite and tender. Hand DYED, baby. This bear was made with Lionbrand’s Fisherman’s wool in Creme, the mock sweater done in Madeleintosh Vintage in Merino Wool (did I mention hand dyed?), with the purple scarf and trim done by Drops in Merino Wool. Yes! The hat and scarf are removeable. Great little bear measuring 12″ tall, with these awesome color combos of creme, grey, black and purple. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me, so if you’d like to adopt him, click here. Total one of a kind.

If you’d like the pattern to knit this bear, click here.


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