What a Difference a Bed Makes

82As many of you remember, when I first moved into this little apartment a year and a half ago, I had nothing to my name. And I do mean NOTHING. I had a stack of books, a box of yarn and a beat up pair of boots. That was pretty much it. Eventually, I gathered enough money to grab a foam mattress to place on the floor to sleep on. That was me going BIG then. Ya know? That was me living the high life. Notice Mario sprawled out in SPLAT! pose at the corner of the bed. It was depressing, surely, but I kept telling myself it was only for now, not for life, not for ever. One day we would have a bed to sleep on…..one day we’d have so much more.

IMG_0880Here we are 18 months later and as I woke up this morning, I was making my bed. Yes, my proper bed, and was feeling so grateful to have it. We found an affordable platform (which took us FOREVER to put together), a nice set of sheets at Marshall’s, a little end table from Walmart, and a jade plant (for financial good luck!) at the Fall Arts Festival. The “headboard” is actually a mirror that was gathering dusts at George’s house. He had no need for it, didn’t really care to keep it and gave it to me. A nice cleaning up and it looks rather nice as a headboard. Kara crocheted the blanket for me. The artwork? Managed to snag it for a few dollars out of a clearance bin at Hobby Lobby.

IMG_0883So, you don’t need a lot of money to actually make your surroundings homier, or more liveable. Just cleverness…..and hope! Hope that one day all will work itself out. So, we’re not wealthy….but, we do have a bed! We still struggle every month to keep afloat, but we get a good night sleep while worrying about it, which helps to squash the stress. We wake, we make coffee, we work refreshed! While making my bed this morning, I smiled after a good night sleep, because I know what a difference a bed makes. I notice what a difference a good night sleep makes. Notice Mario THIS time looking amazingly regal next to the Jade plant.

IMG_0886So many people really liked the last bear I did with the Drops Merino Wool in….(wait for it, wait for it…..) lavender! Well, I do have another skein of it, and half of the skein left over from the last bear, so that’s more than enough to make two more, one of which I have already started and willIMG_0869 be finished today. So, I thought I’d go ahead and offer them since so many people wrote to me and told me how much they liked the little bear. So, if you’d like to adopt one of the two, click here. They’ll be shipped with a signed card by me on Friday of this week.

Well I guess that’s it for the moment. Its still rather early, not quite 8:30. It’s supposed to be a wonderful weather day, so I plant to take advantage of it, knitting up my little teddy bears in the shade. Have a great day everyone. 🙂

If you’d like to buy my knitting patterns on ravelry, click here.

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  1. Great decorating, Gregory! A very peaceful sleeping spot you have there. Enjoy the lovely weather and keep us up to date.

    Central NY

  2. You are richer than many people in this country, Gregory. You know the value of what you have, you are grateful for it, you are not envious of others who have more, you work at honest work to help yourself, you bring joy to others with your bears and your blog. You are a very rich man. You are blessed.

  3. PLEASE Google search for a group called ‘Freecycle’.
    They’re a world wide group with seperate branches in different states.
    I’m in Australia & there’s a few here too!
    People give away alsorts of stuff for FREE! From beds, food, shoes, clothes, books everything & you can also ask for things for free too.
    It would be such a massive benefit to you as it is me.

  4. Oh so well put together, and I too have jade plants, or money plants I was told they are called, I have many including two that stand in massive pots and are over 4 feet tall! so easy to propagate and much fun to grow. congrats at making home a bit more homely, and I managed to get hold of the magazine with your article! 🙂 and am making the vest for a friends baby! never tried fair isle before! Thank you and keep well.

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