The Happiness Test

When I’m knitting in the early part of the day I listen to the radio. Back when I lived in the woods, a radio was all I had for company, for information, and for entertainment. I grew to love it. You have to understand that, being 20 miles from the nearest town, voices on the radio were the only voices I’d hear for weeks on end. So, I grew to love talk radio and still spend the better part of my day listening to it, rather than watching something on my laptop. I had my favorites. Niel Boortz (I’ll lose subscribers because I said that :), Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Clark Howard, and Prairie Home Companion. And of course, Herman Cain.

Somewhere around 9am I tune into Herman Cain. I love Herman. Just the sound of his voice is something that brings back my old Georgia roots. The cadence and the vernacular are typical old school Georgia. His show is, of course, on the more conservative side. (“Wait, you’re gay, you’re not supposed to be a conservative…..” Well, that’s a blog for a different day.) But aside from the political leanings, he does rely on a severe passion for optimism, which I am all in favor of. I cling to optimism like a newborn clings to its mother. And as the news tries to define the world as slipping into the hell of destruction on a 24 hour basis, it is refreshing hear Herman’s voice giggle, laugh, and sing from Stevie Wonder’s “Wish.”

“Looking back on when I was a little nappy headed boy
Then my only worry was for Christmas what would be my toy”

Today, he had a great segment where he discussed that there was nothing we could do about some of the bad things in the world, but we could remind ourselves of what makes us happy. And he defined happiness as this: something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to, then invited his staff and his guests to state what those three things were to them.

I thought I’d share that with you. Because when life gets terrifying and miserable, it is those three things that will allow the heart to smile, and when the heart smiles, it perseveres.

Something to do: my knitting! my teddy bears.

Someone to love: all of you! I would not have the blessings in my life that I enjoy daily if it weren’t for all of you.

Something to look forward to: the dream of one day having my little white house.

So, now it’s your turn. Write in the comments section what your three elements of happiness are. I’ll be reading them! While knitting, I’ll be reading your comments.

And we’ll be rewarded with a weekend, a few days hopefully, of being able to remind ourselves of what is truly valuable in life: purpose, love, and hope.

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  1. Something to do: My wool Dryer Balls! (They keep a roof over my head!)

    Someone to love: My husband – he is my rock and without him, nothing would be worth doing in life.

    Something to look forward to: The New Year! Hopefully my own Christmas sales will let me pay down some debt so I don’t feel so overwhelmed!

  2. Something to do: Sure, I test software but…I’d prefer to say that I “seek justice, love mercy and [try to] walk humbly…”

    Someone to love: especially family and friends, but I seek to find ways to love all who cross my path…remembering that loving doesn’t need to mean agreeing with or even condoning certain things. I’m reminded that I need to take keen interest in the humanity of others.

    Something to look forward to: for me it’s mostly the little things like time with the ones I love, as well as necessary solitude; the opportunity to perpetually redefine “enough” and the opportunity to share then I have “more than” said “enough.”

    Great message. Thanks for sharing and for asking us to engage. 🙂

  3. Something to do: creating Zen inspired art and Zentangles
    Someone to love: My wife, Lisa, our 4 children and our pets (and Gregory n Mario)
    Something to look forward to: The day that Arkansas finally recognizes our marriage.

    I can overlook that Neil Boortz/Herman Cain thing… I like old time radio Dragnet, Frontier Gentlement, The Six Shooter and many others all for free on the internets..

    1. Ha! Mario and I thank you 🙂 Actually, you might be surprised to know Niel Boortz is actually a HUGE gay marriage activist. He does alot more for the legalization of gay marriage than people know 🙂

  4. Something to do – my writing. I am so blessed earning a living doing what I love
    Something to love – my family
    Something to look forward to – The next Doctor Who episode

  5. Something to do: volunteer – currently knitting slippers for relaxation classes at the Cancer Agency (as well as volunteering in my youngest grandson’s kindergarten class)
    Someone to love: Oh without a doubt – my 3 grandsons – whom I love to the moon and back – oh yes, and my daughter, son-in-law and the rest of my family and friends too.
    Something to look forward to: a cure for cancer – I HATE that disease and my sister is currently battling it so I SUPER HATE it!

  6. Something to do – crocheting
    Someone to love – my boyfriend and my two cats
    Something to look forward to – having finished my MA
    I just wish, writing my thesis would be the thing to do, but I dread it so much. It has become a huge problem and procrastination is not part of it. 😦
    More happy crocheting to do.
    Hope you can afford your home sooner than you think!

  7. Something to do: Knitting, and believe me, I have plenty to do
    Someone to love: My husband and my daughter
    Something to look forward to: End of the very busy time at work and then a trip to California for Christmas.

  8. Something to do: today in particular it is attending a friend’s wedding.

    Someone to love: my husband and children.

    Something to look forward to: tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Every day brings something new.

  9. Something to do: All the books I read for review, and finally(almost) finishing my WIP quilt! Someone to love: my spouse of 15 years who is also my caregiver ( she never signed on for that!). Something to look forward to: She’s doing a talk about native reactivation of her tribe in November@ her grad school

  10. Something to do; crafting, not just knitting and not just wool, anything I make and finish, book binding, writing, what I do that makes me happy not what makes me happy so I do it, which is odd but the right way round for me.

    Something to love; my family, my husband and kids, my cats and my friends, my job which I realised recently makes me very happy and fulfilled. where I live, and good I do, even if I have flat days they re offset by the good days.

    Something to look forward to; my kids being adults and living their own lives, my pupils growing into adults and enjoying life, being able to keep influencing how kids grow up and help them learn to love books and reading, helping others get more out of their own lives, and meeting new friends as well as enjoying my much loved current friends. Also keeping my health good enough to keep on enjoying my life!

  11. To do: In an hour, I get to teach Successful Story Writing to a talented group of teenagers.
    To love: My family, including Francie my kitty, who quite frankly, could use a lesson on loving others.
    To look forward to: Learning how to do two-color stranded knitting. I want to make those gorgeous Fair Isle patterns.

  12. Something to do: Crochet (yes, I knit too – but am currently making fun crochet hats for all my grand nieces & nephews for Christmas – think Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hello Kitty, dinosaurs, and bearded babies 🙂

    Someone to love: My husband and kids. They make my world go round.

    Something to look forward to: The new season of Sherlock, and the last Hobbit movie 🙂

  13. Something to do: teach middle school English and knit for my grandchildren.
    Someone to love: my husband, my children, my grandchildren, and my students.
    Something to look forward to: vacations of all kinds, traveling anywhere and everywhere. Watching my son race his rock crawler, moving back to my happy place and the new afghan pattern kit I just ordered…tree of life!

  14. My Lord and Savior Jesus who walks beside me whenever I am happy or sad, my son and daughter and grandchildren, being a breast cancer survivor of Stage 3B inflammatory breast cancer for 3 1/2 years and one more my crochet,I love to crochet and I’m been called a yard hoarder. 🙂 Blessings to you.

  15. Something to do: Create! I must be creative every day. My usual activity is quilting but I am an avid paper crafter as well.
    Someone to love: My wonderful husband, 2 sons, and 2 future daughter-in-laws. Both sons are getting married next summer, 2 weeks apart! And of course, my cat, Lexie.
    Something to look forward to: Building a studio for my creative passions!

  16. Something to do: quilting, it’s my business & provides a little income and I have found it relaxing.
    Something to love: my family & furry children, without them I am nothing.
    Something to look forward to: I look forward to the day that my husband can retire (I hope) & we can have more time together. I also hope to have grandchildren down the road to spoil & love. I look forward to many other things….all simple pleasures in life.

    Thanks Gregory for the ‘challenge’….it’s always nice to remind ourselves of these things.

  17. Something to do: my knitting : ) sewing, making my house a home for us
    Someone to love: the most precious special partner ever and also family and friends
    Something to look forward to: each new day

  18. Something to do: knit and crochet for those I love and those in need.

    Someone to love: my husband and my two active, wonderful boys.

    Something to look forward to: Short-term – Christmas! Long-term – the day I’ve paid off all my debt so I can concentrate on helping more people.

    I love Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me and miss Carl Kasell terribly. 🙂

  19. Something to do – sewing cloth dolls
    Someone to love – my husband and best friend
    Something to look forward to- Sunday when I can go to church

  20. something to do, knit, crochet, craft, read, play with my beautiful dog and Cat.
    someone to love, again my beautiful Lab and cat, and of course myself.
    something to look forward to, winning my 6 year battle with work comp for my disabling back injury and buying my own home so I have security and independence. (was homeless for almost a year because of my injury and legal fight)

  21. Something to do: I have a job, while not perfect it gives me the money to pay the bills and my knitting to help me hold on to my sanity.
    Someone to love: My children, now that my husband is gone, my girls are all I have left of him.
    Something to look forward to: I am going to SAFF next week!!!!!

  22. Something to do, a list longer than I care to think about of WIPs and more that need to be knitted or crocheted up.
    Someone to love, my family and my cats and dogs.
    Something to look forward to, my “work,” my knit and crochet classes, teaching people the joys of creating beautiful things out of string and sticks.

  23. Something to do-raise puppies for the blind
    Someone to love-my son, husband and animals
    Something to look forward to-my dreams coming true one at a time, even if it takes a while, still rewarding!

  24. Someone: My close friends and my boyfriend.
    Something to do: Knitting and cooking for myself and others.
    Something to look forward to: Becoming an elementary school teacher some day

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