In a Bundle…..update!

Last night, I uploaded my Book and Patterns bundle to ravelry and it was going nice and strong. Five sales over night! Wonderful news. And you see this is good because the more patterns I sale, the fewer bears I have to make and the less stress is on my back. Big smile 🙂 HUGE smile 🙂

Well, I got an email from Ravelry a short while ago telling me that my Book plus Pattern Bundle was denied. Short version? You can’t sell individual patterns, and “sets” at the same time. You can only do one or the other.

Reason given: Per the pattern guidelines, this is not an acceptable entry in the database  “Entries that contain duplicate items. Examples: You may not create multiple entries for the same pattern in different languages. You may not add pattern entries for both sets and each of the individual items in that set.”  You can offer patterns individually OR as a “set”, but NOT both as this causes duplication in the database. 

Sometimes you just can’t win.

Now, I didn’t think that was quite fair, I mean I like having pricing options for people who want to buy my patterns. For a number of reasons, it just makes sense to me to offer them in varying ways. Maybe someone doesn’t want 4 patterns, they can just snag one. Maybe they want to buy all four, and this way saves them money. I guess that’s the capitalist in me 🙂 But, those are Ravelry’s rules and who am I to change them? Who am I to argue with them? I mean, they do take a comission off my sales, so if its not something they want to sell, well, ok then.

So, I took my book and bundle over to craftsy. I used craftsy before using ravelry with quite a bit of success, so hopefully things will pan out nicely. So, once again, if you’re interested in getting my book “MADMANKNITTING -or- the waiter and the fly,” click here and you’ll be directed to craftsy.

Whew…..It should be easier than this right? But, then again, it probably wouldn’t be worth the struggle. Cheers!

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  1. That’s fantastic news! I may have to pop on over there (after I remember my Craftsy user name and password, of course) and buy a bundle! BTW, are you going to be selling a Christmas bear this year?

  2. That’s weird, I’ve seen lots of designers on Ravelry sell ebook bundles of their single patterns. Maybe it was the way yours was packaged? I’d check with them to see what the deal is.
    As soon as I get enough pennies together, I’ll buy that bundle! (Hopefully on Ravelry!)

    1. I agree here – I would reach back out to them and ask about what options you do have because items are single and in book (unless they end up with the same notice). If anything, I would link to the craftsy bundle on the individual patter (not sure if that’s legal either)

  3. So glad I bought my bundle last night! Can’t wait to read your book! Good luck with the sales. I think it’s a great idea to sell them as a bundle.

  4. It would seem like more of a computer database glitch. Don’t mention the titles of the patterns so that the computer doesn’t pick up on those titles. Maybe you could “rename” the patterns in your ebook & upload it all as “one” PDF file. That may work.

  5. I agree with Cora, it sounds like a simple database thing. The person that responded to you is probably just customer service and not IT dept. so she’s just saying you can’t have bundles. You could try to email their IT department or call them and talk to someone in IT to see if there’s something you can do to get around that. If others are doing it then it’s one of two things, 1) something in the naming that really does create a DB duplicate which will kick out the most recent and delete it from the server or 2) the other people are somehow cheating the system and just haven’t gotten caught yet. As long as things are sold somewhere though it really shouldn’t matter. I use etsy, craftsy and ravelry and either way it’s make money/get paid. :p Glad you’re branching out 😀

  6. I suspect it was a problem in the way you tried to add the bundle. You most certainly *can* sell patterns individually and as part of a set, or ebook. Timeless gave a great example. Unfortunately, I’m not a designer, so I haven’t done it myself, but I found some information in the help section that should help you out.

    Log in, and scroll down to #4. “Adding eBooks to Your Store (selling collections)”

    Of particular note, I think this may be what triggered your error message: “PLEASE – do not add your ebook or collection to Ravelry’s pattern database as a pattern entry.” It goes on to tell you what to do *instead* to make everything work properly.

    I hope you can get your bundle uploaded properly and easily. I’d love to see it on Ravelry. 🙂

    (For future referencing of the designers’ help section –> log in, click the “?” that is next to the magnifying glass along the top row of menu options, click the big yellow tape measure icon labeled “designers.”)

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