In a Bundle….

madman6x9coverI was reading my book and it dawned on me that if I republished it with patterns in the back, you could see me go from having never touched knitting needles before, to learning to knit from badly written pamphlets, to making an escape to ignore life tumbling around me, to finally having knitting as the thing that kept me alive.

So, I decided to toss together my book, “MADMANKNITTING-or-the waiter and the fly” with four of my patterns in one tight little bundle on Ravelry. I might decide to reprint the book with the patterns, but we’ll see. For now? I like it on Ravelry as a pdf. And it is an awesome book. And a bargain when you think that you get four of my patterns and the book for half the cost.

Ten o’clockish at night. Been a long day. Gonna curl up with a sad horror film to get me in the mood for Halloween. Then I’m gonna crash with the cat. 🙂

Enjoy the book and the patterns! Click the photo if you’d like to snag them all in one bundle.


If you’d like to buy my knitting patterns on ravelry, click here.

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  1. I am enjoying your book but for the first time ever I felt my self crying with you and laughing with you, knowing you through here means I am not reading a story but a life! I know you do come out the other end but I feel for you, I wish I could step in or help earlier, and I cry for your younger self. I haven’t ever got to the end yet 🙂 which as a librarian a very bad thing, but I do not want to skip bits or rush, I am giving your story the care it deserves, Thank you.
    I like the idea of the bundle 🙂 I may get this for a friend for Christmas 🙂 she knits to get away from her life and troubles 🙂 and we know how well that can work :-D.
    keep well and hug mario for me.

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