That Skinny Man is MINE

IMG_0749If you’ll recall, a few weeks ago I posted a blog about these two stray cats that just showed up one day. They didn’t cause any harm, didn’t bother anything, nor anyone…..they just started hanging around my little apartment, most often by my front door. Whenever I opened the door, they’d come rushing out of the bushes, rub against my leg, politely asking me if I had some food.

Over the past few weeks I’ve grown really attached to the two of them. Especially after the red tabby came limping with a broken foot one day. It didn’t seem to bother him, he’d come rushing up on three legs to get his daily dinner. At some point I took to sitting with them, and they had no problem propping into my lap and giving me some love. What I find interesting about the two of them is their relationship with each other. They are always together, never apart. And with the red one having a busted leg, the other one has taken to tending to him. He lets his injured partner eat first, guarding him with his body, and keeping his eyes on the perimeter. And once they’ve both finished their meal, the grey and white cat will clean the invalid. They’re buddies. I thought that was touching. Brilliant.

IMG_0914Then a short while ago, I was peeking out the window, just wondering how they were (they rarely leave the extent of the property I live on). Sure enough, there they were, but in such a touching moment I had to take a photograph. I had never seen them sleep before, but it made sense the moment I saw it. They curl up beside each other, holding each other (doubt keeping warm, this is Florida after all), the injured little guy burying himself in the belly of his comrade to stay safe. I had to take a few pictures to share.

IMG_0928It was just so damned touching and genuine. If only more people were like that. I’ve never fancied myself a cat person. Ok ok ok, Mario adopted ME, these two guys have in some way adopted ME….it’s never been the other way around. I’m good with that. I think that’s the way it should be. It shows loyalty in an animal, when they lean to you to be their protector. It means they trust you, value something in you that they can never say, but express often.

IMG_0934Of course, Mario can’t stand the two of them. She hisses and bats at them as if trying to tell them, “Hey, the skinny guy is mine! Hands off!!!” So jealous. And so obvious about it. Mean to them, and OVERLY affectionate with me…..but pouting sometimes when I feed them. “Uhhhh, that’s MY food, man! What am I supposed to eat?”

You’ll be fine, Mario. Trust me, you ain’t gonna starve to death.

So that’s that. Just wanted to share. Be sure to check out my bundled books and patterns on craftsy if you get a moment. The sale of that helps out in such great ways, and you get the great benefit of having my last book plus four of my patterns and I get the benefit of getting ahead on some back orders.

Alright, gonna go spy out the window and see what the fellas are up to.

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  1. I bet there’s a shelter or benevolent veterinarian in the area who could help that li’l guy out with his leg…. I’d hate to have you lose them. 😦 Cats are matriarchal; Mario is doing what queens do best. πŸ™‚ I almost cried over this post… thanks!

  2. Being able to pass love and care is on is so wonderful, they look such nice boys, hope Mario accepts that she is the indoor cat and comes first but they are included too πŸ™‚

  3. How wonderful that your family is growing. We have two cats that found us and sort of get along. We found that by keeping their kibble in a glass container they were able to see the extra food for them when we were handing out food to the other. Worth a try to keep all your kitties happy. We found out glass container at a rummage sale.

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