My Knit Potato

I certainly have come along way.

Man, you should have seen the first teddy bear I ever knit. Now, this is well before I was actually knitting them for a living, this was in the early days when I had first started knitting. I wasn’t interested in scarves and simple things. Nah, I wanted to go BIG! Give me something challenging. So, I found a copy of the “The Knitted Teddy Bear,” by Sandra Polley and gave the little buggers a shot. Whoa……no no no. It is a very good book for a more advanced knitter, but I have to say my ambition didn’t save me and my first knit teddy bear truly did look like a knit potato. He was a sad little thing. Wish I had taken a picture.

Of course, many years later (and after having learned so many different knitting techniques-especially a more knitted version of amigurami) I set out to make my own knit teddy bear by designing my own pattern. Simple, well designed, and perfect for the novice knitter.

But, those early days of learning to knit were a singular part of my life that I never really recognized until well after the fact. I had to learn patience, acceptance of my shortcomings, had to learn to see my mistakes and fix them quickly. There were so many nuances about picking up the needles, versus picking up your life. I shy away from using terms like “zen moments,” but I do feel there were moments of eureka that translated from little moments knitting into bigger moments in life.

Of course, you can read about all of that in my book. See? I told you I was going to be pushing my bundle! Last night we sold 18 copies. Not bad! But, we have 10,000 subscribers so we have 9982 to go. We still have a long way to go and not much more time to do it in. And like I’ve mentioned before, this has become a necessity for me. This is important, and perhaps more than you know. I’m not just pushing my book and patterns bundle, I’m eagerly trying to get some safety under my belt.

madman6x9coverIf you’d like to buy my book and pattern bundle on craftsy, click here. The bundle is a pdf that contains not only my book, “MAD MAN KNITTING -or- the waiter and the fly,” but four of my patterns. The bear, the tiger, the bunny, and the bear dressed up in a mock sweater with had and scarf.

If you’d like to buy it directly from me, click here. Just be sure your email is correct in check out, that’s the email address I’ll be sending it to.

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!





  1. Just finished your book in one long sitting – ate my dinner in front of my computer – just didn’t want to stop reading!! It made me laugh out loud at times and wipe away tears at others. If your supporters really want to get to know the complex, intelligent, soulful individual that you are and at the same time come together $10 at a time to help put you in a better place, I would urge them to purchase the book – the included patterns are the icing on the cake. Gregory – every time I see a Martini glass, you know who I’ll be reminded of from now on – too funny – and I wonder if that gal ever named her dog Rupert – wonder how many people will pick up on that reference??? Hang in there, my dear, you have a lot to offer the world. Melissa

  2. ….only 9981 copies to go. I enjoy your blog and look forward reading your book over the weekend. Just finished a request from my grandson. A real looking elephant…..better not show him the tiger!!!!!! Good luck from a grey and rainy UK.

  3. I am one of your 10,000 subscibers and I already own your book and two of your patterns. Two more patterns and I will have the bundle. Thank you for doing the work you do. You are blessing so many.

  4. Your pattern was the first one I dared to buy a little over a year ago (I have been knitting only since July 2013) and I fell in love with it. I now make my own bears and I sell them to kids throughout the world. Truly, your simple design is all that I need to make my day as well as making a name for myself. Thank you so much. Your bear that saved your life is now helping me becoming financially independent. So this little guy has come a long way. God bless you.

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