The Open Door…..

My friend Butch and I were headed to the supermarket when I piped up.

“Wanna see my little white house?” Of course I’m referring to the little house for sale that I’ve been pining over quite a few weeks now. The one who’s back porch I’ve taken to sitting on in moments of much needed reflection. Don’t worry. No one lives there. Yes, I imagine I could be trespassing, but as long as its vacant, I’m offering that little house a since of needed companionship, and in return it’s little back porch hands in return a place of refuge to sit and dream and think that possibly that the little white house could one day be mine.

IMG_0956We rolled up into the drive way. No one around. Mid day. Perfect weather. We went up to peeking into the windows. It’s rather hard to see inside, the angles of the walls, the height of the windows, you only get a sense of the inside. I was anxious to show him the back porch that I love so much. That’s all I’ve every been able to experience and enjoy.

And as we creaked open the screen door, we both quickly spied the same sight. The back door was wide open. He quickly approached, stuck his head inside. “Hello? Is anyone here?”

I stood timidly at the edge of the screened porch. Wide eyed and mouth agape. He said, “There’s no one here. Wanna go inside?” Do I dare? Sitting on the back porch is one thing, but this is different. I mean, I don’t have the money to buy it, so what if someone should come along and as what I was doing there? What would I say?

“Don’t you wanna see?”

I softly moved up the steps, my breath a little shaky. Never in a million years had I ever thought that I would ever be able to even step inside. Like when dreams come true. You shake your head, you bow in some sort of praise, you disbelieve.

IMG_0960I stepped into the back of the house and suddenly…..I don’t know. I felt embraced. I felt warm and right with the world. I quietly placed my hands on the walls as I moved through the little house and felt as though it touched me back. I stood in the center of the living room before the fireplace, feeling comfort for the first time in a long time. Like when you fall in love with someone and they finally kiss you. It was as if the house glowed, showed itself to me, batted its window lashes at me and bared its soul for me to caress; as if it had taken a fancy to me. Butch commented, “you look bewildered. You’re shaking!”

“I’m nervous!”


“It’s not every day you find your soul mate…..”

Some take to houses like they do friendships. Relationships. I’ve mentioned before, this is my Howard’s End.

After wandering around the house,feeling the beauty that you do when you get hugged by a comforting loved one, we finally decided to leave.

And as we approached his car, I looked back at the house and felt I needed to protect it. I didn’t want to leave, but I didn’t want to leave her unattended. So, I called the realtor.

“My name is Gregory. I just wanted to let you know I’m at the house on Garvin Street for sale and I thought I’d let you know……well, the back door is wide open and I love that little house and I thought I’d let you know so that no one comes in and hurts her…. the house, I mean.”

“Are you serious? Really? Are you sure? I mean, I locked it up tight the last I was there a few days ago. Were there any cars there? Anyone at all?”

“No, It’s open. And I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of walking through it to take a look. :)”

She laughed. “And don’t you love it?”

I smiled brightly, “Yes! Yes, I do! I really do love that house! Well, I need to run, but I just wanted to let you know that the house was open so you could come by and close it up.”

“Thank you SO much for letting me know. That was very nice of you! I can’t imagine why it would be open. But, thank you again for letting me know!”

IMG_0969And before we left I asked Butch to take a picture of me on the back porch. Something to strive for, something to dream about, something I could stare at and make real. And something about my smile in this picture. I smile often, of course, but something about my smile just…….it’s content. Not forced. It’s genuinely at ease and in its place.

And Butch and I went to the supermarket as planned, me rather quiet in that whimsical frame of mind, but despite what was said, nor wasn’t, I just looked at him and smiled, and he did the same. The thought was there. You couldn’t deny it. That beautiful spirit of a home left itself open so I could come see her, pay her a visit, so that we could get to know each other. That open door was there for a reason.

I’ll strive for my lovely little white house, selling my bundled books and patterns. The proceeds all go to helping me walk finally through that open door.

I’ll be dreaming tonight of my one true love that I finally got to meet, finally got to know and hug and spend time with.

That ol’ girl will be mine, hopefully someday 🙂

madman6x9coverIf you’d like to buy my book and pattern bundle on craftsy, click here. The bundle is a pdf that contains not only my book, “MAD MAN KNITTING -or- the waiter and the fly,” but four of my patterns. The bear, the tiger, the bunny, and the bear dressed up in a mock sweater with hat and scarf.

If you’d like to buy it directly from me, click here. Just be sure your email is correct in check out, that’s the email address I’ll be sending it to.

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  1. Perhaps it is the universe telling you to inquire further about your “soul mate”. Perhaps it is telling you it is yours, who knows……there may be a chance that you might be able to afford it.

  2. Hey Gregory,
    I believe everything happens for a reason (both good and bad), the visit to your house was meant to be.
    It certainly looks lovely, can’t wait till you move in……
    Excited much for you. Stay positive, it helps 🙂

  3. Today, I took a little white bear with a pink hoody to my granddaughter. She was thrilled because the bear matched her new hoody. A Wonderful Wallaby pattern. I basically made a rectangle with a ribbed edge and sewed the top seam and then Stitched the hood to the neckline of the faux sweater. She is 2 1/2 and completely full of it. She hauled that bear around all day and would not take off her sweater. Did I take a picture? Um, nope. Bad granny.
    So, grandson, who is 7, asked for a black bear with a green hoody. So, we went to my favorite yarn shop and picked out yarn for the bear. Then he found yarn for a hoody. I guess my work is cut out for me.
    I love that bear pattern! I will try to get a picture tomorrow of the pink bear and the granddaughter .

  4. I found my version of your little white house about 25 years ago. I still don’t have mine but I did end up with my own little place eventually. I still dream of the one I originally fell in love with and totally get your experience. I send you extra wishes that you get you little white lady some day soon.

  5. I know that feeling of the house hugging you. It was that way in the house I lived in as a kid, it would enfold you and let you know it was glad you were inside, that you were living your life in it. The house I’m in now is that way too, but now it’s sad. It knows I’ll be leaving. I hope you get to buy that house, Gregory. Then you’ll be home.

  6. You look really happy sitting there. 🙂 I hope your dream comes true.
    I sent you a PM on FB, just an idea for spreading the word …

  7. I found the house on Trulia, looked at the pics, & it truly is you. Then I saw the price. Oh my…

    maybe the owner would do a lease / purchase?

  8. When it comes to nice things, a home is at the top of the list. There must be a way, or a program or a person you could speak to about your little white house. The more you talk about it, it seems to many of us that maybe it might be meant for you. Now, finding the way to afford a house is something you’d have to research. There must be programs or banks, or people you could talk to about it? Wouldn’t hurt to inquire would it? Sitting on the back porch isn’t going to make it yours, you are going to have to find some creative financing route for it. Let’s get you that house. We have to magically enhance that donation button on your blog to attract some bigger fish.
    There must be someone out there, who could help you. We just have to find them.

    Time to pound the pavement.


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