Take a Good Look at My Nuts

So we all celebrate Thanksgiving in our own particular ways. Mine? Well, it was rather interesting. I didn’t have turkey. I have turkey often. It’s cheaper than beef! So today I made a huge pot of pasta and with no one else around I asked Carlos (my knitting friend who’s been doing arms and legs for some of my orders) if he’d like to visit. He accepted.  No shit! Company for ThanksgivingIMG_1099! Really! I never have company!

He said he had to work at 4, so he’d be here at 12. Damn! What do I have??? What do I have??? Well….we’re having pasta! Oh! Had some fresh pecans I’ve been lusting over for the past few days, some cut up swiss cheese and some crackers for appetizers. He brought a bag of Chex Mix (didn’t realize they were so addictive) and we nibbled the whole way through Thanksgiving. See my nuts? See my pecans? See Mario’s face off in the distance? Quite funny. It’s like an odd version of Where’s Waldo? (Look to the right of the crackers at the carpet….see her eyes???)

IMG_1103It was rather kind. It was a quiet Thanksgiving. We chit chatted simply, nibbled quietly, ate pasta, and had a great talk about celebrities we had met. God only knows how you get to those places when you converse. His stories just didn’t match the time I met Boy George and Anne Rice…..but that’s a different post, now isn’t it?

Then Carlos went of to work, I skyped with Butch and all was well…..right? Quiet Thanksgiving.

….until I decided to check my email.

Really? For real? I mean for really?

There were some amazing emails from people all over the globe kindly wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. Thankful for me and this little blog. Thankful for me??? I am the one that is so thankful. I wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for you. I really wouldn’t.

I was at first moved to an emotion you cannot catalog for anyone. It’s the sort that makes you laugh, smile and cry all at one time. To think that people were thankful that I, me, this scrawny man with a mad knitting hand were in their lives. How do you respond?

You say, “Thank you.”

Wow. Couldn’t help it. I was overjoyed. Had to dance. 🙂 My playlist went from Skinny Puppy to Siouxsie to Soundgarden to Seal. (I really do like all sorts of music. The more unusual the better).

(wait….all those S’s. OH! I see how that happens now)!

IMG_1095But, here it is, at the end of a Thanksgiving that will go down in history for me.

Impromptu nuts and cheese, with pasta as a main course for a guest I randomly asked to come over, a lovely peek at emails that made me feel so incredibly special, and a dance about the apartment that shouldn’t make people wonder why I’m so thin….

Thank you all. ALL of you….for a wonderful, WONDERFUL, Thanksgiving. 🙂

oh! Dead or Alive is on my playlist now! Gotta dance!!!

Go ahead….Dance with me. You know you want to!

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!







  1. You are an inspiration to a lot of people, me included, so I’m not surprised that we all are grateful that you decided to write a book and this blog! You make us laugh, cry and feel that somewhere, someone else has problems and deals with them the same way we would deal with them! You, Gregory Patrick, are an amazing person and I’m grateful, thankful that I can call you my friend!

  2. I’m grateful that you had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends both near and far. You being you, knitting (or not 😉 ), writing and sharing is a gift and a blessing to the world. Hugs to you and Mario!

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