I met Giovanni Macchia about a year ago and we soon became fast friends. Although I’m in Orlando and he’s in the Netherlands, we were able to build quite a friendship thanks to Skype. Probably every two weeks or so, we catch up, touch base and have a wonderful time talking about our future hopes and dreams. And that’s always the best ways to build a friendship isn’t it? About what CAN be, as opposed to what is. That the life you wish for yourself can be inspired by others. I’m proud to say I inspired Giovanni to pursue knitting. And when a man picks up knitting, I obviously take notice. I want to inspire fellas to knit! And when they do, I pursue every avenue possible to let the rest of you know how many fellas are actually knitting and purling.

Macchia has been pursuing a different path in knitting that I could have never approached. He knits vase covers, I knit teddy bears. But we both have the same philosophy about our simple work. When your eyes scan a room, you see the striking impression of a knit covered vase….or a pouty faced teddy bear in the corner, silently holding court. We don’t boastfully own the room with our work, we just bring attention to a corner of it šŸ™‚

il_570xN.689568156_8gxxSo take a look at Macchia’s work. Subtle, quiet, but impressively iridescent in darker corners of a room. His vases are ready to be filled with whatever it is you wish your eyes wish to take notice of: Flowers, paint brushes, votive candles, stalks of wheat, or a bed of stones…..but, always brought attention to by the simple little cover of that vase. Simple, I’ve said….but clever and eye quietly catching in a room of noisy boast.

So explore the art of the knit vase imported from the Netherlands and hand crafted by a remarkable Italian artist.

…yeah, that’s right….can you imagine what these will look like in tulip season?



  1. My feeling is that whatever unites us, in whatever ways possible, to people living far and from very different backgrounds is a connection to be fulfilled for higher purposes, and those sent in our direction, that we feel co-linear with should be taken instantly into our interior family! Thank you for the post and your blog!

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