Baby New Year Bears

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year! Mine was grand, just awesome. New Year’s Eve I listened to the ball drop on the radio, had a beer to toast the coming of 2015, then crashed. New Year’s Day I refused to get out of my pajama bottoms and just rustled around my little apartment nibbling on black eyed peas and ham. (It’s a southern thing, big tradition). And when I woke this morning, we had sunny skies and a crisp wind that revitalized everything. Time to make this year work! Let’s get started! Started now! I feel good! Energized! What are you waiting for? Get out of those damned pajama bottoms and get your boots back on!

I make the same resolution every year. Just to be a better man than I was the year before. But, this year, I made instead of a resolution, a goal. I’m going to buy a house this year. That’s my goal. I’m going to have a PERMANENT place to live. And I’m going to bust my little butt getting it done. So, what do we do? We knit more teddy bears of such impressive quality that they will be collector’s items one day. Yes, they will rival the Steiff Bear of the last century. Second? I quit dickering around with my emotional instability when it comes to the past and finish my next book….dammit. And third? We leave every door open to whatever possibility comes my way. EVERY door.

So, let’s start with some teddy bears. With rent due, it’s time to adopt out some little bears to keep your loved ones warm this winter with.
IMG_1119Shayla sent me these different sets of hand died yarns from all over the place. That’s right. Hand spun and hand died. And of course, hand knit into an adorable little teddy bear. Each of them is a one of a kind. No duplicates ever. These little bears are unique. They’re all made of merino wool, stand 12 inches high, have a removable hat and scarf, are ready to ship today and come with a signed card by me. I chose this series of colors in honor of baby new year, for surely these little bears will look perfect keeping watch in the corner of a nursery. I also have two in grey that I should finish up any second now because I know some of you out there lean a little towards the gothic side like I do 🙂

So, just click on the pic of the bear you’d like. Oh! And postage is included no matter where in the world you are. Cheers! I’ll talk to you later!

IMG_1125 IMG_1127 IMG_1129

I feel good! I feel energized!



  1. I really love reading your blog. Have you thought of selling ad space on the sidebar? Like with Passionfruit or Project Wonderful? You have so many readers, I am sure many would be interested…and it would provide you with some regular income too.

  2. Thank you ! I ordered my bear last spring and yes, I had to wait awhile. I wanted to give up but I knew that Gregory doesn’t give up and his life has gone through a lot of changes so I hung in there. Everyone loves my bear and he is my bear when I need him.

  3. Gregory, I spent this afternoon reading your book. It was really good and I actually gasped when you found your jacket in the dryer. You lasted longer at the Fly than most people would and I’m glad you finally walked away. I hope really good things happen for you this year and I’ll look forward to reading your blog.

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