Forty-Two With a Biscuit

Today’s my birthday. I’m 42 years old. Now, I’m one of those that truly believes you should treat your birthday like a holiday. I’ve never been fond of people who cringe at their birthday and screech and scream about being older. As my grandmother would say, “Don’t care for your birthday? Well then, consider the alternative….” I have definitely EARNED these 42 years. Wow. And what a wild 42 years it has been. When I was younger I used to celebrate Christmas…..and then a week later it was New Year’s…..then just a few days after that, my birthday…..and we wondered why we couldn’t just keep celebrating life and began looking for holidays to extend the longest party of the year….oh, look! Epiphany is only 2 more days away!! So we’d start on December 24th and sober up somewhere near mid January.

But, as we age we tame a touch so month long parties are no longer in fashion. I lean towards the simple these days anyway. And I’ve been wondering how to celebrate. I’m all alone this year. With Christmas and New Year’s so close to the weekend, everyone is gone, or just coming back from their long holidays. After all, it is Sunday before we go back to our normal routines. However, I do have a birthday list, so to speak: a list of things I’d like to do today to celebrate my birthday. Basically, it comes down to wanting to play croquet, have some fried chicken, biscuits, baked beans, cole slaw and potato salad. Go have myself a beer at the bier garden by the lake. Shave and take a cute picture of myself. Soak in the tub with some bath salts and read Calvin and Hobbes. Maybe I’ll do some combining….like, shave and take a cute pic of myself in the tub reading Calvin and Hobbes.

Now, I do have the biscuits. Already fired them up and had some for breakfast with some honey and ham. Damn that was good. It’s nice to splurge……So, biscuits are off my list.

If all of you were nearby I’d invite you to come play with me, have a couple of beers and a rowdy picnic with me! And I truly wish you were! That would be one helluva good time. After all, it’s 80 and sunny here in Orlando! We’d get into all kinds of trouble.

Gonna go snag another biscuit before I start my birthday 🙂 Cheers!

oh damn! I forgot! I still have this little bear up for adoption if anyone would like him. He’s ready to ship.




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Many say the start of your personal new year is on your birthday. May this renewed year find you peace, happiness and dreams-come-true. Enjoy the finer things in life today! Looking forward to seeing the cute picture.
    Wishing you all the best,
    Andrea 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday all the way from Australia !

    Have a wonderful day doing all those things on your list 🙂

    And your never alone, we are with you in spirit 🙂

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Gregory! I hope this year ahead brings you health, wealth and joy, and let’s not forget a new little house of your own! Today is my grandson’s birthday as well! Celebrate however you see fit, but enjoy the day.

  4. Happy Birthday and best wishes for a great 2015! I wish I lived closer too; playing croquet in 80 degree weather sounds lovely! It’s damp and cold where I am! Hope your special day is wonderful!

  5. Have a great birthday! I am with you & your grandmother with the “better than the alternative” part. I’m only a year behind you but I feel like I’ve earned it as well. I hope it’s a wonderful day and the start of a wonderful year. 42 is the meaning of life, after all 🙂

  6. I celebrate a Birthday Season, a span of time which must include your Actual Birthday, and which is equal in days to the number of your years lived. Doesn’t necessarily mean partying the whole time, but celebrating in whatever ways you see fit. Have at it!!

  7. Wishing you a very happy birthday! I hope you manage everything on your list and have a wonderful day of celebration. You have more than earned it!

  8. Have a wonderful Day Greg. You truely deserve it! Sounds like your relative and I would’ve gotten along well….”consider the alternative”…yep, sage advice

  9. Happy Birthday! My wish for you is a house that belongs to you (and Mario)…actually let’s face it, it belongs to Mario and you are allowed to stay. 😉 Seriously though, normally I just wish that all your wishes would come true, but since you mentioned wanting a place, that is my wish for you. Enjoy your birthday, may it be your happiest year yet!

  10. Happy birthday Gregory!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that the coming year brings you closer to achieving all you dream for 🎂🍦

  11. Happy Birthday, Gregory! It’s dark and just below freezing here in the UK so your birthday plans sound a lot of fun. Have a lovely day.

  12. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the nice weather for me (it’s -15F with the windchill bringing that to feel like -31 here in Manitoba… brr!).

  13. Happy Birthday from chilly England! 42 is a great age, I’m enjoying it enormously 😉 – 80 degrees sounds like perfect birthday weather – hope you have a lovely day and that all your plans come together both for today and for this year.

  14. I’m 42 also and someone commented to me recently that it is the ‘meaning of life’ age (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference) which was a bit of an epiphany for me. It’s a great age to be and I feel privileged to have reached it when many don’t get the chance. Have a great birthday!

  15. Happy Birthday Gregory from me & Figaro Bear! I hope you have a wonderful day! I wish I was there with you enjoying the beautiful weather….here, in Lansing, Michigan, it is about 26 degrees, snowing & windy! The roads are horrible…..I’d like to hop on a plane and head south right about now & I’ll even bring the fried chicken & potato salad!

  16. Happy birthday! Today is my birthday too. I have a few years on you, can’t believe I’m 54 years old now! Guess so, I just got a new knee last November. Starting to fall apart already. As long as my hands stay good, I’ll be ok. Can’t imagine not being able to play with yarn!

  17. Another very happy birthday wish from the wet and dreary UK… 42 is a great age..enjoy! …. At 54, I fully agree that growing older is a privilege…long may it continue.. 🙂 x

  18. Happy Birthday Gregory. I’d love to see the pics of you in the bath, in your birthday suit!
    You’re never alone on the interweb…

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! I also CELEBRATE my birthday and proudly claim every year I have been alive (58 so far!). I hope to be able to afford one of your bears some day. Good bless you.

  20. Hey! I didn’t realize we shared a common birthday! Jan 4th was my 54th birthday! Nice to know we share that in common – Pastor David Ryan, Lancaster County, PA

  21. Happy Birthday, I’m in the UK too and just come in from a freezing cold, thick fog evening. Wishing I was with you sharing a picnic and a beer or two. I hope all you hopes and dreams come true this year.

  22. A belated Happy Birthday, Gregory! I know it was a good one, because today you have a headache and your friend came over. Much love to you this year and continued success!

  23. Okay – this goes along way to explaining the “kinship” I feel when I read your blog. Happy belated 42 – on the 4th – WhooHoo!

    I so hear you on the year end let’s keep celebrating business – my birthday is December 30th – and I turned 46 – whoohoo (45 was one crazy nasty year – but hey, I’m still vertical, so it’s all good, eh?)

    As for the invitation to celebrate – well, although I’m late, I would have loved to celebrate in spirit – sorry no croquet – dang, haven’t played it in years – but I love cribbage. Calvin & Hobbes? TOTALLY rock! As for the weather – I’d take the warmth and sun any – repeat and stress – any time. It’s too damn cold here in the White North.

    May 2015 find you and all of your endeavors blessed.

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