Oh, My Poor Little Head

IMG_1153Well, my birthday plans were eventually modified yesterday, but I still had an awfully good time. Too good a time, as testament to the bitch of a throbbing headache I woke with earlier today. I was never able to play croquet, but Kara came round with some beer later in the night and we celebrated over a few games of cribbage. We ended up like a bunch of giggling, gossiping girlfriends, tossing back bear and trash talking. Was lovely. I didn’t have my fried chicken picnic, but I did have a steak greedily to myself while watching American Horror Story.

IMG_1159The only other companion we had for my very tiniest of birthday bash’s was this little bear tucked to the side of my couch. His cousin is well on his way to Germany, dressed up in a Madelinetosh hat and scarf. This little guy was made up with Dream in Color, simple, as is, cute faced and looking a little embarrassed at having seen the madness that I was up to last night. He’s 12″ tall, made of superwash Merino wool, and ready to ship with a signed card by me. Just click here if you’d like to adopt him.



  1. I just received a bear today and he’d been sitting around your apartment for awhile. Little bear told me a few things about what went on at your place the last few months. Mostly pretty tame….but since he told me in confidence…your secrets are safe with me, Gregory. 🙂

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