Big Grey Bear

For Christmas, my friend Kevin Potter and his Mrs sent me a nice box of yarn. Beautiful skeins. What was even cooler was the fact that, no knowing too much about knitting, they went to various local yarn stores and asked the shop owners which yarn they should get for a guy who knits teddy bears. Boy, did they come up with some remarkable stuff. For instance, this amazing wool alpaca blend, woven bulky so it was nice and thick.

IMG_1169There wasn’t enough to do an entire bear, so I compensated by giving him my usual mock sweater, tied a little brown bow around his neck and BLAM! There was born a bear. He came out so adorable. I mean, look at that face. Not to mention he’s MUCH bigger than my usual bears, seeing how he’s made of nice bulky  bear stock.

IMG_1177I took of him on my bed so you could see just how nice and plump he is. He’s almost 15 inches from head to toe, poofy and bouncy, and ready to ship with a signed card by me. If you’d like to snag him, click here.



If you’d like to buy my book and pattern bundle on craftsy, click here. The bundle is a pdf that contains not only my book, “MAD MAN KNITTING -or- the waiter and the fly,” but four of my patterns. The bear, the tiger, the bunny, and the bear dressed up in a mock sweater with hat and scarf.

If you’d like to buy it directly from me, click here. Just be sure your email is correct in check out, that’s the email address I’ll be sending it to.

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!



  1. I’ve been neglecting my blog feed. So glad to check in and see your recent posts. The last one I read, you were quite sad. Wishing you the best in the new year.

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