Got Your Stash?

So, I’ve snagged a few skeins. Piled up nearby, ready to be spun up, knit up, born up into a tiger. Now, I’m using Lionbrand’s Fisherman’s Wool. Lionbrand has always been kind to me, and just before my birthday, they sent me a lovely box of Fisherman’s wool. They know how much I use it for my teddy bears, but like I said in my last post, let’s focus on tigers for a minute. Why tigers? Well, I could give you a multitude of reasons, some very severe, some thoroughly horrible. (They’re treated horribly, killed badly in some parts of the world-much like elephants….and elephants will be next on my list of things to conquer). So, in our own way, and not quite sure what that will be, we will be knitting up tigers to save tigers. Once we have an army of tigers, we’ll figure it out, all of us deciding together what we should do with them. And like I  mentioned in my last post, I want you to be knitting up tigers like crazy, being as creative as you can. Mix up the colors, give them purple stripes if you like, massive whiskers. Go crazy, make my pattern just your guide, but give that tiger some prominence, some identity that speaks definitely to who you are.

Are you ready? I got my stash, my skeins, you got yours? No body says you need to dash out and stock up on yearn, like I said, be creative, use what you have. Let’s see some tigers with individuality. Send me the photos and I’ll share them on here. And then we’ll all decide with a majority vote on how best our band of tigers will do best.

Alright then. Ready? Set…..knit.

You can get the pattern here. Let’s go!




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