Good Day, Sunshine

It’s been a rather nice day. The sun was out. Hasn’t been for such a while. So, I took full advantage of it. I was working on my own lion, tiger, and bear when a friend of mine phoned to say he was off for the rest of the day. “Maybe we should get outside and get some sun?”

Hell yeah. I took a nice break from the knitting and hit the outdoors and what on earth else would I do, but play croquet. That’s right, I said it. I haven’t had a chance to play in so long and now there was nothing to stop me. Not the weather, not another player, not a nothing. I was out wacking my mallet with cheerful glee, bouncing into the air like a ginger bearded leprachaun when I’d make a shot.

IMG_1180And after a nice visit with my friend, I slipped back home, devoured a veggie burger (a package of Boca Burgers is buy one get one free at Publix this week-yee ha!) and got back to my knitting. With Monday being a holiday, I have another extra day of weekendness that I can use to fill up orders and work on new bears….and lions, and tigers. I’ve got a ton of Fisherman’s wool that Lionbrand sent so I’ll be doing a menagerie of animals all solidly locked in those colors. Call it a thematic menagerie. My own personal zoo.

IMG_1188I’m trying to get a ton of people involved in knitting up tigers for the next week. I’m sure you’ve all read my previous posts. That really means a lot to me. So, if you’d like to jump on board and knit for a purpose, I’m more than happy to have you. And again, I think this kind of thing brings us all together and gives us ore of a chance to communicate, talk, share ideas, and all with the singular purpose of doing some good in the world. So, if you’d like to help out, the tiger pattern is here.

Ok. It’s about 7pm in Orlando on Saturday night. Gonna head back to work, get back to knitting, doing my usual Saturday routine of knitting and purling with Keeping Up Appearances in the background. It’s a nice night. Lovely, I tell ya.

I really really REALLY would love to have so many more of you join me in this project.

If you’d like the tiger pattern on craftsy, click here.

or on ravelry here.



  1. You watch Keeping Up Appearances?! Hyacinth Bucket and Richard, ha ha! I don’t know why I’m surprised that an American would choose to watch that but I am. I’m glad that you do, though. Thanks for what you do, you’re awesome x

  2. “Richard, mind the bicyclist.” I love Hyacinth! I used to love watching the Britcoms on PBS every Saturday night.

    Gregory, I always marvel at your bears’ faces. How long does it take you to create that spectacular nose?

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