Lions and Tigers and…..Brands! Oh, My!

tiger-007So, in the midst of this wonderful world of tigers some of us have been up to, I had asked that ya’ll send me your pics of your tigers as they’re completed. Hazel Donnelly was the first. Look at her tiger. How fun is that? I mean, come on. She calls it, “wonky and wobley,” but I have to say I think he looks downright fun and cuddly. So, send me your tiger pics! I’d love to show them off!

IMG_1212My own tiger is almost done. I’ve finished the head body and limbs, now all that’s left is to assemble the little guy. Now, I’ve opted to use Lionbrand’s Fisherman’s Wool, making use of the different shades and hues of browns and creme to bring my little guy to life.

IMG_1206And speaking of Lionbrand, I’m so grateful to them for their continued support of me. I truly am. For the last two years they have sent me countless skeins of yarn just at whim. “Thought you could use some more Fisherman’s Wool for your bears!” And boom! A nice big box arrives. Just before my birthday, they sent another box of yarn with an adorable note that read “Here’s to another wonderful year of teddy bears!” So, I’m intensely loyal to them for their kindness and gratitude and to show my appreciation I opted to make a lion. Yup! In honor of Lionbrand, I knit up this cute little lion to add to my bestiary of patterns I hope to publish at some point. So, many MANY continued thanks to Lionbrand Yarns for being exceptionally cool people and doing what they can to help a little guy like me with his roar. The lion is 12″ tall from head to toe, (he even has a tail!), is made completely of Fisherman’s Wool and is ready to ship with a signed card by me. There is ONLY ONE so if you’d like to adopt him, click here.

Ok. Weather is lovely, smile is bright, gonna get back to work!

If you appreciate my writing and you’d like for this blog to continue, please support! This blog survives because of you!



  1. Hazel’s tiger is delightful! And so is your tiger and so is your lion! I am really happy that you are adding to your patterns. I make toys for my two great-granddaughters (age 4 and age 18 months) and I think they would love a lion or a tiger.


  2. Oh my!!!!!!! Just when you think things can’t get any cuter from the HOUSE OF PATRICK – they DO!!! The Lion is just too much. I bet he just flew out the door. And I am also anxiously awaiting the sequel to your first book – which, of course, you know I devoured. You never fail to delight and surprise. You’re something else, Gregory Patrick 🙂

  3. P.S. – I’m sure you’ve already thought of it, but I bet a trio of a lion, tiger & bear would also fly out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OOOooo, do you think it would be out in time so I could knit one for my son – yes, sorry, (well not really) but his name is actually Leo. Plus, I’m a Brit – so knitting in with Lion brand yarns would just be brilliant! 🙂

  5. Love your lion. I must write that I had seen lionbrand on the shelves, but had never bought it. After reading your blog, a few months ago I bought my first skein. Thanks.

  6. Because of you, Lion Brand’s Oak Tweed is a best selling yarn for my dachshund sweater Etsy shop. So….Lion Brand, if you’re reading this, please continue to send Gregory your yarn!! He’s the best!

  7. Didn’t know that Lion Brand Yarns was so generous. I’ll begin buying more of their yarn knowing that they are so kindhearted. I get updates and emails from them containing adverts for their yarn and patterns. They have lovely yarns. Thank you for allowing me to see this side of great company. Marge in Crossville, TN

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