As the Dew Drops Rest on the Crest of Morning

Even though on paper February is the shortest month of the year, it can often be the longest. We’re all burning and eager for winter be done….and it just doesn’t seem to want to get here fast enough. So, we hold and brace for the end of February, trolling through its days and anxiously awaiting the turn of the calender’s page, releasing us from the cold, and oppressive grey skies, snows for some, and sharp rain for others. Comparatively speaking, my winters here in Florida are much different than many. I understand that. But, I can still sympathize with many of you around the world that are waiting, patiently, with hope that spring will get here early. Winter isn’t always the cold touch of a window pane; it can sometimes be the bitter bight of burn on your spirit.

We start the year off with goals and resolutions, changes that inspire. But, rarely do they make it this far. So, I’d like to propose a different concept. I’m not sure about you, but I’m deeply invigorated by spring. The cycle of new life, of brightness, of colors, of the mastery and beauty of nature spilling forth its own sort of youth, full of innocence, untouched by our madness, with flowers that are born new and unaware of sin. And all of that is contagious. The energy of all that permeates into everything….except sometimes our own perceptions of life, its greatness, its affirmation….

But, even more so, we often forget to recognize all the signs of life around us, that our own lives can be constantly reborn, that our own souls forever capable of being reborn with new hopes, new ideas. So, that’s my proposal as we move through the longest of short months: what new inspirations to you hope to conceive? What new dead of winter will you shed to give new life in spring? In other words, how will you bloom this spring? What will your colors be like? What smile will you cause when people see you? What new ambitions will you explore as your petals push forth towards the sun and grab hold of the warm air? What dew drops that rest at the crest of each new morning will refresh you?

That’s my proposal to all of us…..That should be our new New Year’s Resolution. And in some fascinating way, I think I was writing that to myself. Sometimes I get caught up in my own head, in my knitting, in my daily life, that I forget about important things. I forget that it is important to regularly shred the soul of winter. You have to. No one wants to live in a cold cave.

I’m still working on getting my Anniversary Bear out the door. Its my own definite way of claiming another year further from where this all began….homeless in the woods. We’ve come so far. So far. And I get to own all that time and work that it took to get there. That was my “winter” so to speak. And now I get to end February embracing spring. Blooming. My petals following the sun.

IMG_1216There are only five of these limited edition bears left and its rather important that I get them adopted today. Very important. So, if you’d like to adopt a recreation of the first bear I ever made “The Teddy Bear That Saved Me,” click here. He’s made of Fisherman’s wool, comes signed and number with a card by me and will be delivered by Valentine’s Day.

So, snag a bear….keep another year going. And think of what new blooms will be born to all of us this spring.

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