A Heartfelt Bear

IMG_1234So, Kara and I have just been experimenting with different ideas, getting a little playful with some whimsy, and looking to see how creative we could get with some of these bears of mine. Kara got to work toying with how to get a heart on the bear, which didn’t really work the way I wanted it to. But, then she came up with the idea of him holding the heart instead. I really like what we came up with. Maybe he’ll be the first of many, but right now he’s the only one. Tucking him up against your favorite pillow in bed is exactly where this bear should be. He’s a nice little heartfelt bear. He’s made of Fisherman’s Wool, measures 12″ from head to toe and is ready to ship with a signed card by me. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.




  1. Bravo Gregory !!! And Brava Kara too !

    The idea of the heart-holding Bear is brilliant. What more heart warming than a cute Bear offering one hear full of Love with his hands ?


    And let’s not forget St. Valentine is approaching, not that I like this day, too commercial, but yet, lots of people do, and they might feel inclined to buy this Bear, so welcome to the Heart series.

    I do believe seasonal Bears could be a good way to go: Christmas, you already have St. Valentin, Carnival ? St. Patrick ( how about a nice small clover embroidered, or knitted with contrast colour on the sweater of the Teddy ?). You have clients in Ireland, and I guess this Near might raise interest also in US. Easter Bear ? Maybe playing with Easter colours

    Summer Bear ?

    Fall Bear

    Halloween Bear

    Thanksgiving Bear (how could it be depicted I do not know, still …)

    I know, it might sound a bit too commercially exploiting, but I believe that you would come up with very tasteful Bears, and let’s face it, the market likes this kind of initiatives.

    I am working too on seasonal Vases, and I wish to discuss business with you, ask for some advice, whenever we both will be able to find a time suitable for both of us, looks not so easy lately 🙂

    Talk soon hopefully

    Have a great afternoon



  2. He’s adorable! All of your bears are adorable! I still need to get over my fears of DPN’s so that I can finally make a bear from the pattern I bought from you! I just bought a Kindle book of circular knitting yesterday and I hope it teaches me how to use DPN’s! It’s a book that I’ve wanted for years now and it was on sale for $2.51!!!! I was thrilled to get it at such a great price! 🙂

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