“Slip, Slip, Knit”

SSK6x9cover I haven’t been blogging as much as I have in the past. I’ve been so focused on finishing my next book, knitting up orders and settling the past so we can move forward into the future, that I’ll sit down to blog and suddenly my head goes blank. Zap! Woosh! Vacant….. “I can’t think of anything to say.”

So, I decided to go back through my blog and hopefully refresh my spark. As I was reading some of my older posts (and I mean from two to three years ago) it dawned on me how really good some of that writing was. There was a genuineness in it, that I rarely think I have ever come close to in my work. I was natural, raw, uninhibited, and emotionally unbound. And the more I thought about it, I thought that my blog was something of a mix of meditations on knitting, diary of a man yearning for something more, and the connection of the world through the stray way the web works. So, I decided it needed to be published, from its first post, through three years of hardship, up until just before I went “viral,” leaving it with the line, “….tonight I’ll go to bed with a full belly, full heart….and hopeful.” Because that has been the nature of this whole path since the beginning. Just remain hopeful.

I think to some it would seem strange to read a book that is actually a collection of blog posts, but I think when you start at the beginning and proceed through it, you do see so much more of the story of a homeless man living in the woods who knit teddy bears to make a better life for himself. It works better from start to finish, rather than a posts you might catch intermittently. And it’s a great book from someone who hasn’t been with this blog from the beginning. The hurt, the pain….but, the joy! The joy of meeting you and the hope of a greater life to come, that all translates so much better when you read from the beginning to nearly now.

I decided to call it “Slip, Slip, Knit” as a play on the knitting term. For my life has been a pattern of slips and slips, but always back to knitting to keep me alive. I chose this particular photo for the cover because I did want to convey that this was a project based not on the knitting itself, but on the writing of the craft, the thoughts that burn you while you’re knitting, a depiction of what written words moved me once I put the knitting needles down.

It will be available on kindle and in paperback next week, but for now, I thought I’d offer it to you first. This would be my fifth book, and the first one I wrote with all of you involved. Quite a few of you are named in there. (Yes, you, Judy Smith!)

To get the PDF, click here. Just make sure your email address is correct, because that’s where I’ll send it to. It runs about 240 pages and again, would love to have your feedback.

Just doing this much alone makes me feel more inspired.



  1. For me, the cover art does not mesh with the title. I encourage you to explore the use of a different photo. (Plus, the no shirt look is a bit disturbing for us living in the North.)

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