Come to My Table

SSK6x9cover“I’m awfully fond of Sunday evening.

Little rituals let life move in ways that remind us that with simple gestures, grand moments are thought about, considered. Our souls become greater with small things we do with our little moments and actions.

I’ve always had this idea in my head that I would love to have a large family, or collection of friends to have Sunday dinner with. There’s something about communion and fellowship that comes with that. That a large table, filled with smile, laughter, discussion and companionship yields itself to pushing away pain, loneliness, or troubles. That here at this table, bountiful home cooked food at the plenty, reminds each of us with a simple action that the human community is closer than we think, that family is more a question of commitment, rather than genealogy. So, I’ve always wanted that big Sunday dinner with friends, whom I call family, sitting about in great celebration of remembrance and joy, of passing a plate to another in offering, in compliments of laughter broken out randomly. (When was the last time you complimented someone on their laugh???)

And then, as we all sit with full belly, full hearts, we remember we came to this table out of appreciation, not out of obligation. That those we become close to are for reasons we’ll never understand, but that our closeness is never out of force. That we hold each other in our own hearts and thoughts because we care, because we feel something, not because its expected. That a simple dinner becomes something greater: an act of love.

So, my little Sunday ritual is a touch different. For instance, tonight? Tonight I sat down with a grand bowl of black beans and rice. And my fellowship was in thought. I thought about all of you. I’m often thinking of you. But, on Sunday nights when I have my biggest meal of the week, I think about us. And that little, simple bowl of black beans and rice becomes a moment of love, for I wouldn’t have it without you. And though I may not be at a table sharing it with you, in my heart we’re all sitting together, being together, sharing this strange world and our lives in it together. So, I wanted to thank you for being a part of this simple man’s journey. Simple things lead to greater moments…..They do. I promise you, they do.

The OTHER ritual I have on Sunday is a peek at a few episodes of “The Vicar of Dibley.” I don’t have a television, but I do get to watch some stuff online, but generally, its things I’m looking for. I like watching “The Vicar of Dibley” on Sunday, not necessarily for the obvious reason, but the show does make me feel safe, thoughtful of kindness, and to never forget that a certain grand brilliance is moving through every slight gesture we do. Its a nice way to close the week, to further soften any quiet Sunday, and find a sense of peace before the malaise of Monday shows itself. Not to mention, I find it an incredibly funny show

So! If you’re up for it, and wanna hang out for the night with me, watch an episode with me. I’ll be sitting here knitting while watching, chuckling here and there, and finding a certain calm….and spending time with you in my own little way.

Tonight I’ll go to bed with a full belly, full heart….and hopeful.”

From the book, “MADMANKNITTING -or- Slip, Slip, Knit” For an immediate PDF copy, click here. Available on Kindle and in paperback soon.



  1. Sundays here in our Maine home is often spent with a gathered collection of family, which is made up of some very good neighbors and friends from our little town. A small group…..maybe 6 or 7. It’s a casual bunch, food is shared, no worries about ‘dressing up’ for dinner, lots of laughter and close talk.I love sitting around our table with these folks, each sharing bits about their week or life, or all of us having some grand conversation about a certain topic. It is our connection. We choose this as our way to include one another in each other’s life’s, It bonds us. I do think that we can create this in all sorts of ways, certainly on a blog with those who read and share and connect ( and knit, yeeha!). I am enjoying your blog. Your bears are wonderful! Ritual is important in our lives, I think our current culture has forgotten the importance of this. Anyway we create ritual/community/connection in our lives, is necessary and a good step in the right direction..

  2. As someone who has been likened to Dawn French on numerous occasions, may I admire your good taste! lol… seriously, great post, I am sure I am not the only one to say that you are thought of often too. Hugs from the UK, (beware of deep puddles). 😀 X

  3. I love the Vicar Of Dibley! Just watched 2 episodes this morning. You should search for the BBC series REV. Sacred and edgy just like Dibley. If you’re ever in Austin you’re welcomed at our table.

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