Patty’s Bear

IMG_1240Last week, Patty Olsen sent me a huge box of Ornaghi Filati Club from Italy. Exceptionally cool stuff. A really nice and thick wool and acrylic blend that worked up beautifully in a teddy bear. So, to say thank you, I told Patty I’d make a bear in her honor and this is the little guy that was born. Isn’t he adorable? I mean, come on. That is old school teddy bear honor right that. That is a proper teddy bear. A righteous bear. A really good bear. He’s a touch larger than my normal bear, a bit plumper, actually, and ready to ship with a signed card by me. There’s only one, so if you’d like to adopt him, click here.



“MADMANKNITTING -or- Slip, Slip, Knit.” For an immediate PDF copy, you can download it from Craftsy.  Or you can buy the PDF directly from me by clicking here. Just be sure your email address is correct. Will be available on Kindle and in paperback soon.



One comment

  1. What a sweet thing for you to do, Gregory, thank you so very much for creating a bear in my honor (I’m honestly blushing here)! I love that bear – I hope someone snatched it up because it’s adorable. I’m so glad you are able to use the yarn, and maybe some of the stitches in the book will inspire future projects in whatever you decide to pursue! Big hugs to you, my new friend. 🙂

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