The Advice of Dragons

I’ve been truly busy pushing out orders and promoting my books for a couple of years now. And if it’s one lesson I’ve learned? The older you get you must do two things. One, you must take time off. You have to take at least one day to rest yourself, your mind, your body, your emotions, your intensity level. Otherwise, you will collapse under a weight of stress and physical problems. The other lesson I learned a few days ago, quite to my own surprise; an epiphany learned from a youthful face peering out from under a dragon.

I live in a section of Orlando quite infamous for its Asian population. We call it “Little Saigon.” For the blocks surrounding Mills Avenue and Colonial Drive the stores restaurants and culture are all distinctly Vietnamese, with a few other Asian cultures mixed in as an ironic minority. They have their own video stores with films only in Vietnamese, grocery stores specializing in ingredients they prefer to cook with, and even the Publix nicely in the middle of all it has signs that read “Parking for Publix Customers only” written in Vietnamese characters.

IMG_1280This last weekend was the Chinese Lunar New Year, and yesterday there was a huge parade in the neighborhood complete with all kinds of foods, information, and interesting wares to be peddled. So, I decided I was going to take a few hours and enjoy the whole event. I put my needles down, put the laptop away and went to see the parade.

IMG_1278The whole event was so enjoyable. Truly enjoyable. I broke down and had some kimchi. 🙂 That stuff hurts! But, was crazy tasty and spicy. Then the dragon parade started, and as the dragons swooned and wooshed and undulated through the crowds, I saw that the performers, the dragon puppeteers, you could say, were actually young children. I saw their faces, ablaze with enjoyment and wonder; hopeful, surprised. Their eyes were bright with fun. They took what they did with such enjoyment and fascination that one could not help but learn a valuable lesson: never ever lose that wonder. Never lose that hopeful surprise in life. Never lose enjoyment in what you do.

I am so learning that lesson right now. I mean, I LOVE what I do. I truly do. And I’m such a blessed man that I get to wake up everyday and bust headlong into something you love. Hell, I start working before the coffee is even ready. Some days, you have to love something else and rest. 🙂

I’m very excited about my new book, “Slip, Slip, Knit.” I think I’ve done some really good work in that book, some really good writing that I doubt I’ll ever get to repeat ever again. It was a different time, a different place. And as we evolve as individuals, so does your craft. So, thanks for the support of my new book. The support of that book really does help me find new directions, new paths, new ways to explore the craft of knitting.

I’m hoping to get at least 100 copies under my belt by the week’s end. That would be a good indication that people really are as excited about this project as I am. And would help pay the rent! So, if you’d like to snag a copy of my new book, click below.

Here’s to taking a moment to breathe for a minute…..and never ever losing the wonder in what you do. Cheers!

Photos by Philip Champlain.

sskcover“MADMANKNITTING -or- Slip, Slip, Knit.” The book also contains patterns for the teddy bear, the tiger, the bunny, and the bear with hat and scarf. For an immediate PDF copy, you can download it from Craftsy.  Or you can buy the PDF directly from me by clicking here. Just be sure your email address is correct. Will be available on Kindle and in paperback soon.




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