Close To Me

It’s about 10pm in the evening. It’s been a long day and I’m quite tired. But I feel wonderful. I’ve spent the day sending out copies of the new book, knitting up a storm, writing some here, writing some there, and all the while sipping on lentil soup to keep my energy going. Awesome day.

I woke this morning knowing that I had the world with me, not against me, as you can sometimes feel when you place your life online. You run the risk of hearing, seeing, reading horrible and negative things about you, or watching your number of followers drop quickly when you say something.

But, not today. Nope, today I woke up knowing that the people that follow this blog truly care about me, they care about you, and they care about each other. For this is a community of people that are close to me. I care about all of you. I hear you, feel your own stories, and keep all of that close to my heart so that at one point, and hopefully very soon, I can turn and give back to the rest of you all that you have given me.

I am so close to my goal of selling enough pdf copies of my new book that I’m itchy. 🙂 Seriously, only a few left to go to get rent paid. And to all of you that have already received yours, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me get to this amazing point in my life where I get to peek into the next chapter and see a possibility. And! I hope to go to on kindle next week and in print on lulu and I’m hoping that all of you that have a copy already will be able to tell me what you think, if something needs cleaning, if something needs changing, if it’s missing something, or if it’s flat out pretty damned ready to go as is. This truly is a joint effort. You are all a part of the story, so I want your input.

So, with only a few, so very few left to go to reach my goal and finish up rent, I’ll ask any of you that have not snagged a copy yet to go ahead and get one, click below and snag one, and help out our story, help me give to the world a great tale of how we became a community.

Gonna hit my soup again. It’s a great way to crash into bed. Belly full of comfort, heart full of love, smile full of joy. 🙂

Thanks everyone!

sskcover“MADMANKNITTING -or- Slip, Slip, Knit.” The book also contains patterns for the teddy bear, the tiger, the bunny, and the bear with hat and scarf. For an immediate PDF copy, you can download it from Craftsy.  Or you can buy the PDF directly from me by clicking here. Just be sure your email address is correct. Will be available on Kindle and in paperback soon.



  1. I have a copy of your SSK and love it. One thing I am concerned about, I ordered the pdf and read it on my Kindle. The font type is not all the same. Some sentences start out in Arial and then switch to Times or something like that right in the middle. Is this my Kindle or something else? KEEP WRITING you are very good!

      1. I just finished SSK and it was very, very good. You have inspired me to keep going with my projects. I spin yarn for a gift shop and also promote hand crafters and some days I am just tired! BUT after reading your book I was very pumped and still am. (I finished it about 10 minutes ago!) So, Thank You Gregory, for being yourself and sharing yourself with all of us. So appreciate it.

  2. Keep it up, glad you’re almost up with the rent (most important). are you still selling your bears also?
    Keep smiling.

  3. Audio books! You know most of us have to be a bit too busy to read. We craft, take care of family members, cook, whatever and it can become difficult to read your books ourselves. You can read your books out loud while you knit and sell the finished audio book. I’d love to get a few copies of that! I already have two of your books, and I just haven’t had time to sit and read them yet. Also, you should get this software called Calibre to make your PDF files a Kindle friendly file. Just a few ideas from within the darkness of Desmonia

  4. I was waiting for the Kindle version, but since you invited feedback in preparation of your Kindle final draft, I went ahead and ordered the .pdf today. I will be sending you feedback shortly, because I’d love to see your writing become a huge success. Where would you like me to send my feedback? (If you prefer to email me privately rather than post, that is fine. Whichever is best for you is fine with me.)

  5. I first started following MMK when the post “I Was Questioned By the Police” was in the Huffington Post. Still a total classic – made me laugh again when I re-read it in SSK. I devoured and LOVED The Waiter & The Fly which I’ve mentioned before. I ordered SSK thinking that I’d already read most of the posts so I would probably just skim through SSK, but I want to continue to support Gregory, so I ordered it. I WAS WRONG 🙂 There’s so much more of the story to be taken in. Gregory, “There Once Was a Boy” and “One Thousand Friends in a Tornado” took my breath away. Your words can paint what’s in your heart – amazingly. Other favorites were “Old Spice & Dixie”, “Come Share My Table” and “Pain & Peaches”. And you need to repost “My Christmas Bear” – “Then this one little bear, no frills, nothing special . . .” Seriously, I’m getting teary just writing that part. And my advice is to keep that DONATE button up, when we your friends read a post and want to give you a $5.00 “AMEN” – make it easy for us 🙂

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