Take Notice Of Moments Of Love

IMG_1339If ever you should feel a horrid sense of destruction, if the world bothers you with its inability to feel compassion, if you leap towards moments of anger in confrontation, if you should ever desire the pain of your adversary, if you should ever condone the hardship of another because they deserve it, if you should ever cling to a cringe because it makes the day more interesting, then just take a peek at this picture. These are moments of love and compassion that we as humans fail to take notice of enough.

We love hearing the nightly news spew its bothersome stories of man killing man, we love hearing the….(God, don’t make me use this word!)….the “drama” that some people become involved in. Yet, rarely do we take notice of moments of love.

Never dismiss that. Never roll your eyes when you see public displays of affection, when you see people kiss, or hold hands, or just when you see the spark in two people’s eyes. When you see a grin, when you see a smile, a chair pulled out, an act of kindness, a door held open, a gesture of goodness, a hand held out to a dying man, a dollar handed to a homeless man, never ever dismiss that. Those moments seemed to pushed aside to remind us, that what sells in this tragic world is a reminder of it’s tragedy.

I know the world is a terrifying place. I assure you, I am fully aware of that. But, there is an aspect of balance that cannot be forgotten. That which we perceive usually prevails. If we constantly perceive darkness and destruction, then I promise you, that is what will prevail. But, if you try for a moment to recognize, acknowledge, reward and remember moments of love….then I’m sorry to tell you, but love will prevail. Horrifying fact, isn’t it? That what we acknowledge, what we recognize and perpetuate could become real……A sword that cuts both ways.

I’ve been blessed with the presence of two cats over the last couple of months. I feed them some of Mario’s food, and they rarely leave the property. I give them my attention and they? And they’ve taught me so much.

When the red one was injured, the grey one took to his protection. And when the grey one went missing, the red one went into a sullen state of constant staring. Thankfully, the grey one returned, and this is how I found them today. Held up, closed up, locked up in each other’s presence. It was a moment of love I experienced in a day of swarmed shoppers and aggressive drivers, of poorly mannered children, of news on the radio of impending destruction. I took notice and reminded myself boldly, that those of us who seek moments of love and recognize it will be blessed with it.

Those of us that seek out the pain of another will surely be burdened with the same.

I love this picture. Glad I could witness a moment in my own history, thanks to a couple of cats. Take a moment to notice love.

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  1. Thank you, Gregory. The photograph says everything; your words do as well. To persistently notice the good, the hopeful, the loving, is not to deny the existence of their opposites. Rather, it is to focus on what makes life and the world so compellingly beautiful.

  2. love is such a quiet thing, we must look for it to really see and enjoy it, there isn’t any drama and no ‘big sells’ but its so important, thank you for sharing these beautiful cats and their own love.

  3. Just gave you an AMEN, Brother – by hitting the donation button – you’re a gifted writer who also happens to be a gifted knitter – glad you’re in the world with us.

  4. Thank you. I really needed this today. It has been a sad week and you were able to express what I have been feeling about looking at things that raise us up.

  5. When I was diagnosed with a life-altering illness (which I don’t usually tell anyone I have because I don’t ever want pity), I had a decision to make: 1. Be mad & let it ruin me or 2. Deal with it & adjust. One thing that I have learned is to stop with the negativity & make myself find something positive about any situation, person, etc. Now I will admit that sometimes this is not easy & sometimes it takes a bit of time, but there IS always something positive & when we stop and look for it, just like love, it always makes our lives happier! Thanks for always sharing with us from the heart Gregory….I have no problem finding something positive about you!!!

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