The Best Book Launch Ever!

IMG_1358Yep! You see that! THAT is how I celebrated the launch of my new book in print. I took my cute little butt to bed and I slept. I ordered my pizza, watched some of the new episodes of “The Walking Dead” and then treated myself to a nice long crash! Having worked so hard to finish it, format it, publish it, take it to market, the only thing I wanted was a nice long sleep. And I did! I got a great 7 hours of sleep, getting up only once just to pee. Exactly how I wanted to celebrate my hardwork. It was the best book launch ever. Pizza and rest.

When I woke? I took a long shower, a needed shave and with a spring in my step and a nice wide smile, got back to work on life, on teddy bears. Working on this project has been great. Truly great. And I love that the reception to both “Slip, Slip, Knit” and “Will Knit For Food” has been great. Today I’m returning emails, knitting up some bears that need to go find new homes, and enjoying the bright shine of the spring sun. Gonna plant me some wildflowers if I get a minute 🙂 And I get to play croquet tomorrow! Hot damn! This really IS the best book launch ever!

“Will Knit For Food” is limited edition, only available on this blog, personalized and signed, runs about 600 pages (it is both “The Waiter and the Fly” and “Slip, Slip, Knit”) but also comes with a t-shirt.  Why not proudly stomp around town with a shirt that says, “MAD MAN KNITTING.” Imagine the looks you’ll get. 🙂 And “Slip, Slip, Knit” is the sequal to “The Waiter and the Fly” alone in its own packaging. Runs about 260 pages. Just click on the pic of the book you’d like and lulu, redbubble and paypal will take care of the rest. Cheers!







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