An Audio Selection

It was recommended that I do an audio version of my new book, so I thought I’d test it out with this little clip. It’s only 3 minutes, so not too long for a test run. It’s a scene from early in the book, a few months after I had become homeless and was living in the woods and had just started knitting teddy bears. Let me know what you think 🙂


“Will Knit For Food” is limited edition, only available on this blog, personalized and signed, runs about 600 pages (it is both “The Waiter and the Fly” and “Slip, Slip, Knit”) but also comes with a t-shirt.  Why not proudly stomp around town with a shirt that says, “MAD MAN KNITTING.” Imagine the looks you’ll get. 🙂 And “Slip, Slip, Knit” is the sequal to “The Waiter and the Fly” alone in its own packaging. Runs about 260 pages. Just click on the pic of the book you’d like and lulu, redbubble and paypal will take care of the rest. Cheers!










  1. I like hearing your voice, and the emotion that you put into the reading of your own story. I can see your smile and hear the hope that you have in the re-telling of your story. I vote for audio versions of your books!

  2. I love it Greg. Technology is working for you, I have seen you in the video and now I have heard you. It is brilliant. Onwards and upwards from here. Thank you for being you. With much love xx

  3. I vote for audio too *S* You start out reading abit to fast, but then you get ‘into’ the story and slow down to a perfect spead, and get to the narrating part *S* And then you sound like a pro *S* Go for it *S* I do like your voyce *S*

  4. Nice read. Great pacing, inflection, voice. Even in this short clip, perfectly pitched emotion; you aren’t “flat” nor did you sound maudlin. You are a natural storyteller. I’m in for audio!

  5. Beautiful. It was great to hear your voice. Your writing is engaging, full of emotion and you have an important story to tell. Your speaking voice is great too, read with intonation and variety, a little gap here and a laugh there. I would buy it. I think it will make a great audio book.

  6. I also would vote for an audio book. As a knitter, I exclusively listen to books while I knit! Yours seems like it would be a fascinating tale and I would be interested. Thanks!

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