I was sitting here working. Peeked out the front door from where I sit knitting and noticed a blaze of brightness that only I can be blamed for never noticing.

I never noticed  the shine of the sun as it hits at a certain time the foliage that guards me. The green leaves gleam of life, as their petals shade the decay that has fallen away. My view was bright and full of light, shining in full glisten as the petals of every tree I did see boldly claimed prominence. The branches of the trees reached for the beams of the golden disk, their timbers turning to meet the sky, their limbs running upward to find the light, to praise the light, to be but a reminder for this little man of life from where it comes….from the sun.

It was just a beautiful sight, I thought I’d share.

The world is a remarkably beautifully place. And you don’t have to travel the seas to see the genius of a life lived in turn with existence. Life and existence are different. Life is action. Existence is observation. So, like the leaves that scream a certain green as the sun hits their form, I can decide to do the same. YOU can decide to do the same. You can watch it from inside, as I had been doing for so long.

You can exist and see…..or you can walk outside, take the stride of the burning, blazing, giving sun and shine. You can be a part of it. You can live.

Don’t hide in the protection of the shade. Go outside and be a part of life as it moves.

Yes, do that. Don’t observe, but be as the trees, extend your leaves and… shine.





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  1. Very well-put, Gregory. I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. I’ve been hibernating a lot this winter because I don’t particularly care for the cold we get here in Canada. Since I live right by a river, it’s also very windy as well. But our weather has slowly been getting warmer and I’ve just realised that I’ve got cabin fever. The next sunny day we get, I’m heading outdoors to see what life has waiting for me. You never know who you’ll meet and what beauty nature has in store as it slowly awakens again after a long, cold winter.

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