An Especially Good Start to Spring

I think today is the second day of spring? Is that right? Well, regardless if its the second or third, it is a great day, an especially good Saturday and a wonderful way to start the season. My t-shirts and books are all safe in my hands. Isn’t that awesome? I tell you, I was so proud to open that big huge box and and see my book finally in print, finally standing on its own, finally cataloging this long journey.

IMG_1439Now, as much as I wanted to model a great shirt myself, I just don’t fit into them ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered large. Figured that was a pretty standard size. But, just to see how I looked in one, I slipped into the shirt and disappeared. Sure, pretty easy to do for a 6 foot gangly man who ways about 135. (I’m all sticks and legs). So, my friend Phillip decided to model it for me. And he looks so much better in that t-shirt with his tattoos and muscular forearms. So, thanks, man! Doubt people will confuse you for me!

IMG_1436We did take a quick shot of me reading it and just look at the glee on my face. What a smile! A smile of accomplishment, I tell you!

I’ve spent the afternoon signing copies and that made me feel….official? Yeah. That’s it! Official! So to celebrate, I had a Cuban sandwich, a cafe con leche, and a sit in the sun. Being in the house finishing up the book has made me pale ๐Ÿ™‚ When I got home? I kept on smiling.


IMG_1444It’s an awesome start to Spring. All the info you need about my new book is on My Book page. You can order a regular paperback, orย  you can get a signed copy with the t-shirt. So step on over and take a look.

(Gonna go back to the other half of my Cuban sandwich now…, those are good). All that’s missing is a silly cigar and a swank Fedora. Have a great Saturday everyone!



  1. So nice to see you with a smile, Gregory. I can totally see your pleasure and sense of accomplishment by looking at that photo. You’ve had it rough for too long, so enjoy this reprise from the struggle for a while.

  2. maybe if you get a baby sized one it could fit a bear – not sure if NB or 0-3mo might work (a bit loose) but super cute….just a thought. Love the shirts!

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