In Bed With Boys, 22, a Connection, and Ice Cream

I’m having a really interesting and lovely day. The weather is gruesome today. Grey skies, misty air, a bit of a chill. So, I decided to do something I rarely do. I decided to work in bed. Now, you must know that’s simply not my style. Once I’m up, I’m up and working at my desk, knitting and writing my long spidery fingers off, long before the coffee is ready. But, I had been toying with the idea for a while. Leave the boots off, gather your yarn, curl under the blanket, grab some soup and knit in bed. And you know what? I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Here it is nearly 2 and I still haven’t put my boots on. I’ve been watching classics….and I don’t mean 1940’s or such. I mean 1970’s. Films I’ve never seen before. Like, “The Boys from Brazil,” “The French Connection,” and “Catch 22.” I’ve actually been much more productive than I thought I’d be. I had the notion I’d be lazy and just drowse in and out with the needles poking me should I roll over. But, no!

IMG_1458I felt inspired, rested, and cozy in my little turtle shell of blankets as I knit up this little bear. He kinda reminds me of ice cream. I don’t know why. But, everyone’s perception is different, isn’t it? You may see something else. I saw ice cream. The yarn is by Ella Rae in 100% wool. I just love his face. He’s the only one, so if you’d like to adopt him, click here. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me. If he finds a home today, I’ll put my boots on and rush across the street to get a nice warm bowl of Pho to Go, come back, slip back under the covers and knit some more while taking the occasional sip.

IMG_1462Oh! And as I was getting out of bed, I took notice of my stack of books all piled up.  I thought it would make a great picture. So, be sure to check that out, too.

Alright, time to publish this blog, sit back, and finish my movies.  It’s a great day for Pho! Pho to Go!


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