Going Mega (Part II)

I  successfully made it to MegaCon and back home again. Sounds kinda ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true. And the only time I truly started feeling glitchy was when we got on the bus, hit the interstate, and moved swiftly out of my safe zone. I crumpled the bus schedule in my hand, took a deep breathe, closed my eyes and then just let it go. Once off the bus and at MegaCon I felt much better.

IMG_1667IMG_1646We got there early, probably just shy of 10am, for Phillip was adamant about taking in the whole event, absorbing every bit and piece of it that he could, hoping to take full advantage of the last 6 hours of the event. Now, since many people show up in costumes, Phillip and I were up for the fun of it. I wore my “MAD MAN KNITTING” T-shirt, with my back packed busting with a skein of yarn, knitting needles, and one of my knit teddy bears. Phillip wore a t-shirt with a Domo (I’m still learning all these anime characters myself) and sported a very swanky mask from the Naruto series.

IMG_1660IMG_1658IMG_1653IMG_1662IMG_1240IMG_1241After getting a few signatures of characters for the bear I took with me, and after Phillip snagged a few memorabilia pieces for himself, we had our fill of MegaCon and went home. We truly did have a wonderful time. The costumes were amazing, all the interesting pieces of memorabilia were fun, and I got to see Lou Ferrigno, Norman Reedus from “The Walking Dead,” and Milo Ventimiglia, whom Phillip kept calling “Peter” from “Heroes,” but whom I knew as “Jess” from Gilmore Girls. Yes, we are from completely different worlds 🙂

The people were truly great. I’ve never known any gamers, or anime fans, or anything  like that, but what I have learned is that they are generally very kind people. This was their world I tippy-toed into, but no one kept me at bay with gazes or glances or even intimidating stances. Nope, everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. I truly had a great time.

But, the best part of the whole trip was actually TAKING the trip, making the steps to battle back my hindrances, and carry on in this year of transition. That was the best thing I could have done for myself. As a matter of fact, on the bus coming back we passed some mini golf and I popped up in my chair exclaiming, “Dude! If I’ve got a couple of extra bucks, the next free day we have we need to come back and go play some putt-putt!!!!”

The bear I took to MegaCon got a lot of attention. I had a few people come up to me and ask if I had actually knit it. “Yeah! I did! I tell you what! Google ‘Mad Man Knitting’ and you can read all about it!” So, I decided to make up another one when we got home last night. Since I still have 7 skeins left of this really great Ornaghi Filati from Italy, I’d like to go through that stash, sorting of claiming this bear as the one that I clung to as I burst out of my shell. So, each time I finish one, I’ll post them here. I had to share this pic of him with Phillip. Thought it was cute as hell.

Oh! And don’t forget to get an autographed copy of my new book! That truly TRULY helps me out. More than you may think. Ok. Yesterday I got to take the day off and go to MegaCon. Today, I need to buckle down and get back to work! Oh! If you’d like to adopt the bear, click here. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me. And he’s huge!


IMG_1439To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” or a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here. 



  1. Here in Kansas where I hail, we have Naka Con. I went and it was awesome. My girls dressed up as characters from Rosario Vampire, you should give that one a shot. My favorite animae shows are: A Dance in the Vampire Bund, Death Note, Soul Eater, and Chobits. Give them a gander whenever you get a chance

    1. Actually, Phillip got me into watching Soul Eater and I really enjoy it. That one and Attack on Titans. TRULY enjoy those. I’ll be sure to check out the others, too! Thanks Ms. Darkness! By the way, did you see the chapter in my new book about you???

      1. Not just yet, I have them both though. I want to get a printed copy signed and all, will totally get one as soon as I finish making a few things to sell off. I will of course keep my eye out for it!

  2. It is kind of sad you didn’t discover this community sooner. My husband and two of our sons are big time gamers. The gamer community is the most accepting of human differences I have ever experienced. In fact, they require it. If you are looking for creative, fun and loyal folks, these are your guys. Welcome friend.

  3. Congratulations! This community *is* wonderful – I can’t handle the cons, but I’m glad the trip was such a great step forward! Thank you for sharing that journey with us!

  4. You did it! I’m so excited for you.

    My mother and i went to Boston a couple of years ago and there was a HUGE Cosplay ice skating party in Boston Common that weekend – I had to explain to my mother what cosplay was, but after speaking with Loki and Sailor Moon, I can agree. What a great, sweet bunch of people!

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