I will never be able to say the words, “I love working on socks” ever again without cracking up. I won’t ever EVER, I tell you, be able to take it seriously. Even writing the sentence in this blog….I’m cracking up.

You’ll have to see the video to know what I mean.

We decided to do another reading from my book…..and as I read…..I was bored. Now, don’t get me wrong, the passage is great, clever…but, it just seemed…..I dunno, who cares? Me reading another passage from my book. Nice. Big deal. Who wants to hear me say something else about my book? Kinda too “authorish” of me. (Yeah, I just invented a word).  I’ve never liked those kinds of readings anyway. Author before podium, book in hand, sounding serious, sounding literate……Nah, not this guy.

Its an awesome book, a fun book, I just wasn’t in the mood to read it aloud and make it seem prominent or obnoxiously impressive.

Then it hit us…..distractions, foolishness, retakes, the smell of BBQ wafting through the air….and as we looked back, we thought the best part of this “dramatic” reading was not the reading itself, but the joke about doing a dramatic reading. So, we edited nothing out and I never got past the second paragraph, and what you got to see was two things. First, I was real. I was fun and gave hellishly funny looks. I wasn’t reading my prose, I was coy, bossy, and distracted by the smell of BBQ at Pho K-5 a block away. Second, I relinquished my care and concern for being…..taken so seriously.

I’m a laughable, scrawny, gangly fool most of the time. So let it be! Take it! Have fun with it! Enjoy it! I’ve been through so much seriousness, so much that stressed me and concerned me for so long that I’ve finally taken the last couple of weeks to finally laugh, let go, and not take it all so seriously.

So, what you’re about to see is the “rehearsal” of what the reading was supposed to be, but we stopped to eat BBQ, realizing whatever reading I could have done would not even come close to the fun I had torturing Phillip. Another moment of Knitter Vs. Gamer.

So, enjoy the book. It’s a lot of fun, a great piece of work, some of the best I’ve done…and should given the chance to read it live in front of an audience, it would definitely go down something like this video: not taken so seriously, filled with fun, and the abrupt moment of being distracted by food and someone in the corner giggling.

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  1. Okay so whether you want it or not, here is my “amateur psychologist” take on what was happening here. You’re still high from being newly in love. Your mind isn’t in the right gear to be serious. All you want to do is relax, act silly, giggle and have a good time …. and you definitely deserve that. Enjoy it while you can because it certainly doesn’t last forever (voice of experience here). Before you know it, it will be replaced by a more serious, deeper kind of love which is even better. But in the meantime, you’re just not in the same frame of mind now that you were when you wrote the book. That’s why you got bored reading from it and thought nobody would care to hear your reading. But let me assure you, WE DO! It’s lovely to hear your voice and be able to see you when you speak. It’s just that this might not be exactly the right time in your life to be doing such a reading, that’s all.

  2. You are utterly hilarious! I love the sock yarn color, BTW. And when you suddenly smelled the BBQ and stopped. That’s the funniest moment of
    all. You’re really great at the “author reading”. Read us more!!!

  3. Gregory, this is terrific!! Wonderful to see/hear you two bouncing silliness off each other, wonderful to see you so relaxed and full of fun, wonderful to imagine that this short video may set a new (and badly-needed) bar for book readings, videos of same, book promotion, and the like. I’ve giggled till my eyes leak tears, and had such a happy sense of you. Thank you so much.

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