A Celebratory Blog Post

vlcsnap-2015-04-21-10h32m53s104Over the month of April, I managed to sell 25 signed copies of my new book”Will Knit For Food.” Now, some may not think that’s very many, and heaven knows, my share of that amount isn’t very much, but it sure does make me feel good. It gives me the hope that I have a chance, a truly good chance to make this year a really good one. I’ve discussed time and time again that I just can’t knit like I used to because of the nerve damage in my arm. I’m still knitting now of course, but nothing like I used to. And once this year is finished, I won’t be able to knit for a living anymore. So, selling 25 copies made me smile, made me laugh…..made me dance. Yeah, had to make a little video of it because I truly do look ridiculous and these days, I rather like looking a little silly. I’m having fun with my life, I’m enjoying these days because I have so much to be thankful for.

Just think, 4 years ago when I first became homeless, there was nothing, and I do mean nothing, to smile about. And here I am now. I don’t have much, but I do have a little place to live, food to eat, and people that love and care for me. That is so much more than so many people have. And I can never ever be grateful enough for it. That’s why lately my mood seems fun, because I know from experience what that means to never give up on hope. The darkness will lift, as long as you remain true, as long as you hold tight to your beliefs, and as long as you remember, the light of the universe will always be on your side.

Yes, THAT is what “Will Knit For Food” is about. You see a man making great strides in his life, becoming a man and making a way for himself….then suddenly, it’s over, it’s all gone. No money, no home. You find him homeless and living in the woods, and for four years you see him NEVER give up hope, never waver from the belief that he was a valued member of society, that he had a purpose….and near the end of that 500 page tome you see it lifted, it see it all slowly come together with a place to live, a sense of purpose, and a sense of gratitude for all of you that must never be forgotten, for it’s because of you that I have a life. A truly great life.

So, this was something of  a celebratory blog post. 25 copies in a month! Not bad! I’m itching to sell more, of course! I’d love to sell 25 more so I can keep on dancing…..and then who knows? Maybe this month that will cover rent, and next month, rent and electric, and then maybe in a year, I’ll finally have that little white house of mine…. Finally, a permanent place to live. 🙂

So, watch the video, dance with me. Laugh a little at my jiggy self.

IMG_1439To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” or a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here. 


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  1. Love the dance. If I might suggest – find an acupuncturist (Taoist trained, not American method trained) willing to trade services for something knitted just for them to work on your arm. They may be able to work wonders where western medicine might not.

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