Two Rules to End the Violence in America

First, love the Lord God above all other things…..

The Ten Commandments are one thing, but should you be craving peace, then remember first and foremost only two commandments are needed to achieve the world of peace you envision.

My mind is swept up in the violence we’ve seen in our society of late. I can’t reach the globe, can’t persuade it to think differently….nor should I even try. Watched Baltimore burn to the ground last night….another in a series of cities destroyed by forgetting the two vital testaments of peace.

First, love the Lord God above all other things…..

You don’t have to be a Christian to follow that concept. First, love the motion and movement of the Universe above all other things. Why? Because once you’re gone, the Universe with all of it’s perplexities will continue without you. It’s better than you, stronger than you, doesn’t need you, but loves having you as a part of it’s spinning, whirring genius.

There is something humbling about knowing you are but a part of it, but not controlling it. It does not need you, but loves you. And no matter how hard man tries, man cannot control nature. He submits to it, follows it, respects it, honors it. Much like you would God. Nature rules, man only tries to understand how it does. Again, much like God. Having the ability to see insufficiency allows a man to learn so much more. It allows a man to understand that his only control is not over the Universe, but over his own actions and emotions….which brings us to the second concept.

Second, love your neighbor as you would love yourself.

It’s rather molecular in a way, when you think about it. I need only to love the being that lives next to me. I do not need to force my will, my hopes, my dreams on the world at large. I don’t need to impose, I simply need to love, respect, and appreciate the being that lives bordering my door. Because if I do that, and they do that in turn to the man on his left and right, and they proceed in the same pursuit of this idea, then all is well. Nothing monumental is required of you, no need to gleam with massive attempts at saving the extent of the world. These ideas can end in a spotlight. The ego takes over, the prominence and status of good deeds take over….the result is not the intent, the action is….And the action is always placed on the self. I’m going to save the world. Look at what I’ve done. Look at what I’m doing….

Doing is not the intent. Having done is. And it’s a split second concept. A split second. I value my neighbor as I value myself and will treat him as such. I will treat him as I treat myself. Not as I WISH to be treated, but as I treat myself. Because when you wish to be treated a certain way, then again, you’ve already turned the Universe back to you, back to the ego.

I wish, I pray, my neighbor is well….. Done.

It’s quite different than, “I wish my neighbor would treat me well, for I hope he knows I treat him well.” It’s not about the self, it’s about the handing over of the self.

“I wish you well.” Done.

“I am going to treat you well, so that you treat me well.” Doing….

Sorry. I just feel with all of the monumental moments of violence that have permeated our society of late, people keep screaming about wanting peace. They keep demanding it, and wanting conferences about it, and having discussions and throwing ideas around, and wanting to have dialogues, and meanwhile only two rules need apply for peace. Only two. Not simple, granted. But there are only two things you need to do.

First, love and respect and honor that there is a greater energy than you that controls the world in which you live. Be humble to it, and realize you control only YOUR actions and emotions. Not the actions of everyone, nor everything around you.

Second, love and respect and honor the being bordering your doors. Forget trying to save the world, nor saving anyone. You are only required to love and respect honor the being next to you first and foremost. And allow them to do the same. And don’t forget to accept their love in return. Police only the way you behave towards another. Not the way they behave towards you. You cannot control that.

Another city burns…..the perpetrators demanding respect. The quiet amongst them demand peace….but neither of them are following the rules….. They’re both still doing….not having yet done it.



  1. A brilliant commentary, my good friend. You have given me much to ponder and for that, I am grateful. Thank you for being you and for caring about others. You inspire me to strive to do the same every waking moment of my life.

  2. thank you for your wise words.your thoughtfulness and empathy are simple and unassuming.we could all learn from your humble directness and generosity.i wish you much love and peace.i hope that you don’t mind that i shared your wisdom with my chunk of the larger world.we could all be improved by it…

  3. I don’t disagree with your commentary but I as a person who is from Baltimore and still has family there I have to disagree with your statement that Baltimore was burned to the ground. I hope that you will write a column noting that people from throughout the city came to help clean up the damage and that the Department of Public Works is overwhelmed by the calls from people who want to help. I hope you will note that the public libraries in the area of violence stayed open to support the community members. I hope you will note the mother who instead of watching her son get involved in the violence went out and snatched him up and brought him home. And I hope you will note a daughter who has called her mother every day since this started and offered to drive up during the rioting to get her if she didn’t feel safe (she lives about fifteen minutes from where some of the major violence took place). And that that mother decided to stay in her home and make sure that her neighbors are safe and that tomorrow evening the neighborhood association meeting will take place and that her neighbors will have opportunities to support the work to improve the city.

  4. It comes back to the same messages we teach children – you can’t make your brother do something, you are in charge of your own behavior (and emotions), and you need to be the example. The world will be a better place when we all live these things. Yours was much more nicely put.

  5. I am not Christian in the church sense of the world but I do believe and try to live by what you have written. I believe most faiths have the same concepts at their heart and wish people could see the similarities instead of the differences.

  6. Well said. It all begins with one act of kindness. The people of Baltimore are showing great strength by keeping the library open, by people coming together to clean up the streets after these riots. Love yourself, love your neighbor

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