The Four Bear Attempt

Over the last few days I have been knitting my little heart out to get 4 bears finished up so that I could finish paying off the rent. But, it hasn’t worked as I had hoped. I used to be able to knit like….well, a madman. But, with my arm as it is, my knitting is much slower. And trying to finish up these 4 hasn’t happened. With it already being the second of the month, rent hasn’t been paid. I’m still working on these 4 bears, but also on other bears that need to be delivered. But, the later it gets in the day, the more nervous I am about this. I just don’t see myself finishing these 4 bears today, not at the rate I’m knitting. I’m just realizing more and more…..I don’t have that ability anymore. I just don’t have the physical ability to whip them out as fast as I used to. When once I could finish 4 bears in a day, nerve damage has made it that I can do maybe one bear in a day. I still have my books I can offer, that helps. And my donate button is back up. My 4 bears will be ready in a day or two, but by then, my options of safety are off the table, and my lease may be up for grabs. So….

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