When You Face Challenges…

When you face challenges, meet them head on. Don’t avoid them, don’t look for distractions, and whatever you do, don’t crumble into a stressed out ball of anxiety. We all face challenges. But, one person’s challenge is another person’s daily routine. I’ve had my fair share of challenges, sure. I’m thankful, however, that those challenges did nothing more than remind me that the best aspect of life is how brilliant things are, how beautiful things are, once challenges are faced, conquered, then written in a journal of memories to recall upon when reminders are needed that you will survive.

I’ve been doing that more and more lately. Sure, when money gets wildly tight and pressures mount, I get a little panicky….but, then I pull out my book and flip to a random passage, read and remind myself of greater challenges I’ve faced in my life, and remember with something of a determined smile that I am not alone, I have you. I remember with a straightened back that I have accomplished so much in this short time as “Mad Man Knitting.” I remember with a very strong walk that I manage to always keep going, always.

So, when you face challenges, remember that you have been through them before, you will be confronted with them again, and that as long as I’m writing this blog, YOU are never alone out there.


I had the best time last night. Phillip and I made “pizzas” and watched a movie while I did some knitting. Ok, WE call them “pizzas,” but they were actually tortilla wraps with cheese and sliced tomato on top, baked in the oven for a few minutes. Oh, yeah! If you’re tight on cash, but still want a little pizza treat, give it a try. You get 10 tortilla wraps for about $2. A block of cheese for another $2. Tomatoes are on sale for $2 a pound, so we were able to get 3 tomatoes. Now $6 seems like it might be alot when you can just get a frozen pizza for the same prize. Screw that. Those things are just poison on cardboard. So bad for you. Just because you don’t a lot of money doesn’t mean you can’t eat better food. AND! For that same $6 we made 4 pizzas. Yep, that’s right. 4 pizzas. Another block of cheese and a can of black beans and we’ll take the remaining tortillas and make quesadillas. Any tortillas left after that? Grab a dozen eggs if they’re on sale and BAM! We’ve got breakfast burritos. Nice! Why do I mention this? Because after the challenge of the first of the month, we were able to sit back and enjoy ourselves with what we had…..and LOVED what we had and never thought of how something more would be better. Our little “pizzas,” our movie, and our time together. Challenges will pass….but the greatness that happens when challenges are over? That last soooo much longer.

IMG_1780So, I’ve still got this bear that is ready to be adopted. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me. He’s a nice plush, bigger bear than my normal, made of wool from Italy and measures a little more than “12. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

IMG_1784I also have this other one. Why stripes? Why not? I was having a little fun. It kinda reminds me of Waldo. 🙂 He’s made of Fisherman’s Wool and Wool Ease from Lionbrand, measures a little more than “11 inches and is also ready to ship with a signed card by me. To adopt him, click here.

Hope you’re all having a great week so far. Challenge coming at you? Smile proudly and say, “I can do this….”




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  1. you are never alone….and you will never face life’s challenges alone….you are a rational voice in the chaos of life….thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of us…

  2. I too have had ‘one of those’ months hunny…chest infection morphed into pneumonia/benefits mucked up (really had to force myself to be polite and use an ‘m’ there!)/rent made me overdrawn and bank charges mean I seem to be slipping into a deep hole….BUT as you quite rightly say, it doesn’t mean simple pleasures can’t still be had….my dear departed mum always said ‘If you are under a warm roof and have a plate of buttered toast with a cup of tea (British! lol) then you are as rich as you need to be’! …I would add to that a decent ball of yarn and my knitting needles and BBC Radio 4 and I’m a millionaire… 🙂 Bless you for your positivity…may the world shine kindly on us soon… ❤ x

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