A Teased and Tussled Mane

IMG_1800I played around with the idea of another lion yesterday. Too hot to go outside. Watched some great disaster films (weird guilty pleasure), nibbled on a salad (mostly fresh tomatoes, another guilty pleasure), and knit my little heart out working on this lion. Now, I don’t do them often, for the simple reason of the mane. Man, that mane can take some work. Truly! I crochet each of those threads all around his head, THEN separate the strands individually, THEN tease the whole bit with a tiny comb. But, what a great effect it ends up being. He looks good! I made him up with some of that amazing wool from Italy that I still have tons left of.

IMG_1809So, tomorrow I’m working up a tiger with it….Should look nice. Who am I kidding? He’ll be ADORABLE. I have most of the bits and pieces ready. I just need to stuff and sew. And as I took a photo of him, I could only think, “Wow….he does look like Hobbes….when the PARENTS see him.” If you’d like him, click here.

IMG_1802So, if you’d like to adopt my lion, click here. I don’t do them often, so consider this not quite one of a kind, but a definite rarity. Total collector’s item. He’s ready to ship with a signed card by me. Snag him fast! Really, I mean it 🙂 Oh! Check it out. I even gave him claws on his paws! And a poofy, teased tail!



  1. I would love to adopt the “lion”. When I click on the PayPal link it reads “another tiger”. …will I actually be adopting the lion even though description reads tiger?

    1. Ok! I just fixed the button for the Lion. Had tiger on the brain. Clicking on Lion will get you Lion. Clicking on tiger will get you tiger. 🙂 Slow down, Gregory…..Slow down 🙂

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