The Last Omaghi Tiger

IMG_1820IMG_1822IMG_1823There was just enough the Omaghi Wool from Italy to finish up one last tiger. BARELY. Whew! Now, the other tiger the other day went to so fast, I whipped this guy up last night and this morning. He’s got the claws, of course, AND! he has a very snazzy tail. I’m loving the whiskers. And that does it for the Omaghi. Nice. He measures 12″ tall from head to toe and is ready to ship with a signed card by me. If you’d like to adopt him, click here. Now, this is only the third tiger I’ve done, so I don’t do them often. So, again, I like to consider him “collectable.”  If this tiger gets adopted today, I get a chance to rest the hands for a day 🙂 Which is a pretty nice thing to look forward to it. And what will I do with my time? I’m feeling like a bike ride up to this little Cuban place up the road for a Cafe Con Leche. Beautiful! I’ll be sure to take pictures and bog about it. Something like, “Never Judge Something by How it Looks.”



  1. I am learning so much from looking at the pictures of your creations…thank you. Linda Elinor, Prince George, BC Canada

  2. Hi Gregory,

    LOVE your work! That is so fun! This is Knitting & Crochet Blog Week! You should join us! Here is a link that explains it. It would be great to have some guys in the group!

    PS I saw your article in Huff Post. That is how I found you. Yeah to YOU for being a guy and openly loving your knitting. Hopefully you will inspire more guys like those policemen!

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