Look Out For That Black Bear

I know I haven’t written very much lately. My blog posts have been mostly about selling bears. True, true. But, I figured it would be best to get my rent under control earlier, rather than flipping out at the very end of the month. But, don’t worry! I’m still filling orders and writing notes to myself about all the great things I’ve been wanting to tell you about. Like the podcast coming up, Macchia’s new vases, my trip to get my first batch of boiled peanuts of the season and the old man across from me who was a dead ringer for me at the age of 82. All sorts of things I’m looking forward to talking about, but for the moment, I’m anxious to get the month’s expenses taken care of so I can have a sense of peace.

I saw an article on Bungalower.com, which is basically a blog about my own and surrounding neighborhoods downtown. We have a black bear rummaging around. I haven’t seen him, but apparently, he’s a big one, lurking from massive oak, to heavy brush, moving stealthily through downtown.

IMG_1832So, I made this bear in his honor. I had been worried about this yarn, feeling it was too dark, you wouldn’t be able to see his eyes. Once I finished him this morning, I knew I had nothing to worry about. His little face came out great. Handsome. And the I fell in love with the flecks of color scattered about. He’s made from a yarn called “Tibet” by Omaghi Filati from Italy. I used up all the orange I had, now I have this really great black with colorful specks. He measures 12″ tall, a mix of wool and acrylic, and is ready to ship with a signed card by me. If you’d like to adopt him, click here! The sooner, the better!…..and if you live in Downtown Orlando, look out for that black bear!




  1. A bear in downtown Orlando? Seriously? Is he an escapee from the zoo or something? Perhaps he is a bear from my neck of the woods (MN) and he is just on vacation?

  2. I shut my cats in at night to keep them safe from raptors that like sitting on my washing line posts at dusk and dawn and from the foxes that co exist in the area! had a very big shock one night after shutting the garage up and walking back across the square, the bat that went past me was pursed by a silent but massive owl, like a floating door! very surprising. But I think I will leave the bears to your bit of the world!

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