Gregory’s Busted Bike Bear

So, ever heard of a crank shaft? Well, it’s the crazy part of a bike where the peddle meets the rest of the gears. Basically, when you peddle, it turns the wheels. Unfortunately, mine fell off. Busted right off as though it had been sliced off, while peddling. My bike is my only transportation. So, watching my bike fall apart made my heart sink. Thankfully, there is a bike repair shop only two blocks away. Walked my mangled little bike up there and asked first, if they could repair it. “Of course.” Second, “Anything else you see wrong with this bike???” One busted crank shaft, a wobbly wheel, and some temperamental set of sketchy brakes later, he tells me everything that’s wrong with my bike and offers to fix it……For $70. You would think it would be easier to ditch this one and find another one at a yard sale or at the Salvation Army. But, if you’ve ever been out hunting for a second hand bike, you’ll find they aren’t as cheap as you think they should be, and if they ARE…..well, they end up with broken crank shafts, wonky wheels, and pissy break pads.

IMG_1849To make a very long story short, and I apologize for it taking so long, my bike is ready. But, I don’t have a bear (or tiger, or bee!) ready to sell to go get my bike out of the shop. So, what I thought I’d do is show you some hand dyed, hand spun skeins I have that are one of a kind (with the exception of the Cascade in blue) that I can make a bear out of FOR you, if you’d like. I have these four colors, but what I thought I’d do is, if you’d like a bear made out of one of these, I’ll whip it up. But, it would have to be first come, first served. So, if you like the red skein, I’ll make you a red bear. But that would be the only red bear. If blue is your thing? Pick the blue and I’ll whip him up JUST for you. I can only get one bear out of each skein.

So, pick the color, claim your bear. A true one of a kind, Gregory’s Busted Bike Bear. They’ll be ready to ship by next weekend, if not sooner. So! Thank you for helping me get my bike out of the shop! And enjoy the bears!

Just click the pic of the color you’d like. Thanks again for helping me out!

IMG_1857 IMG_1856 IMG_1855 IMG_1854


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  1. I remember very well what it was like growing up poor with bikes my brother built from scavenging parts. Grateful he was around when my crank shaft broke or my chain snapped, but I’d have to wait until he found something to replace. My bike was my freedom and until I bought my first car it was the only freedom I knew. So I understand and send my support and of course look forward to receiving your busted bike bear

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