Gregory’s STOLEN Bike Bear

IMG_1860Yep. You read it right. You read it JUST right. I spent all that time busy working my butt off to get the bike out of the shop, and with your help, it was effortless and easy. I slipped over, happily paid, brought the bike home, took a dorky pic of me smiling next to it…..Woke up this morning to go to Publix…..and it was gone. Just gone. Stolen from my front door. The cable lock cut, the bike taken off in the sneaky middle of the night. This is where I think highly of the death penalty. Now, the fact that my bike was stolen is enough to make me beyond angry, but the fact that they came so close to my front door, to my little home, to my safety. THAT pisses me off more than anything. So, what do I do now? Ha! Man, oh man. Things like this happen, don’t they? I’m accustomed to loss. It’s aggravating, but what do you do? Piss, smash things, curse skyward, watch your head compress with pressure and anger?…..No, you admit the loss, accept it….and move on. So, I’m in the market for a new second hand bike. I’m scanning craigslist and will keep my eyes on garage sales in the neighborhood. (Deep breath, let it out, all will work itself out)…..oh, the irony, I tell you. I got my bike back….and some thug thought he needed it more than me. (Sending thug hopes of karmic justice). Just thought I’d let you know how things turned out with my bike.

(More deep breaths). Ahhhhh…..anger accomplishes nothing.

(Damn bike thief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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  1. Oh, Gregory, I’m so sorry. It’s just an awful feeling that some uninvited person
    was so close to one’s home and personal items. I’ve been in that situation. It’s
    no fun. Hope you find a BETTER bicycle than the one you lost!


  2. Oh Gregory I am so very sorry that this has happened to you. But, karma is a bitch and hopefully the person that did this gets theirs soon! In the meantime, I hope the right deal comes along and you can get a new bike right away!

  3. Damn, that’s the worst thing to wake up to when you live alone with just one mode of transportation! I hope that person gets exactly what they deserve. If you know where the local food stamps office is, go there. Not for the service, but because they always have packets that have information on local charities. One may be able to help you with a bike.

  4. File a police report. It MIGHT not get your bike BACK. BUT, they MIGHT be aware of a “trend in the area,” and your theft might lead to CATCHING someone or increase patrols & prevent others from heading down that path… *hugs*

  5. When things like that happen to me I try to think that the person acted out of desperation and try not to concern myself with what the motivation for the desperate act was….not for me to judge. I would just assume the person who took it truly did need it more than you. I know that can be hard to imagine at times, but there are people worse off and desperate people do desperate things. The upside? You get to get yourself a new bike! I would keep this one indoors! I’m honestly not trying to belittle the theft; I know it’s a tough thing to deal with but I think you have to find forgiveness in order to have some peace with it……just my thoughts on it.

  6. heart breaking, I do hope you find it or karma does work that swiftly, I know how not having transport to get anywhere gets so wearing. Happy replacement hunt with swift cheap success.

  7. Oh no! I’m not surprised you were angry (regardless of whether that helps or not). I can only hope that you manage to get yourself another bike.

  8. Oh I’m so sorry that happened! That’s just awful of people. 😦 I hope you’re able to find something soon!

  9. Sorry about your bike. Man, that’s a bummer. Someone came onto my porch once to steal my bike. I put a HUGE sign up, on a piece of pasteboard, asking for the thief to please return it without any repercussions. It was never returned. I know your plight. I feel for you. It sucks.

  10. I am so sad to hear this and hope, that you can get a new bike without danger to your rent payment.

    My bike was stolen too while I was a student, in bright daylight, locked and standing in front of my window. I could afford a new one – and one I liked more 😉 but the feeling of intrusion and insecurity was there for quite a time.

    Now with a good job I could easily afford to get my bike stolen, but I can also afford to have a really good bike lock for a quite average bike – and so nobody gets the idea to steal it. Sounds not really fair, doesn’t it? A bit like the whole system. 😦

  11. OH NO!!! I’m so very sorry that this happened to you, Gregory. It’s just beyond unfair, really. I can’t believe someone would have the nerve to do that, especially so close to your home. Oh well, I guess that’s the way life is sometimes, even though we may not understand it. I do hope you can find another bike that you like at a reasonable cost.

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