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IMG_1863Let’s talk about the bike first. I walked out of my apartment and saw precisely how it happened. Bike had been locked around a fence post. The bastard pulled the fence post away and ran off with my bike. It’s ok, don’t worry. I’ve learned. And not just that you shouldn’t leave your bike wrapped around a rickety fence post, but something more, something I knew the minute I said it. You see, the Universe loves to show your foolish side. So you can learn from it’s insipidness. The night I brought the bike back from the shop, I posted a pic of me on Facebook and Twitter. And what did I say? Something about, “got my bike back. But I’m underweight and look awful.” See? I didn’t say, “THANK YOU! UNIVERSE! I GOT MY BIKE BACK! THANKS TO ALL THE WONDERFUL ENERGY SENT MY WAY TO LET ME HAVE IT BACK!” No…I was foolishly self centered and said, “ewww. Look at how bad I look.” And the Universe said, “Well, if you’re not grateful to have the bike back, I’ll let someone else have it.” And someone else did.

And you learn.

So, I have to say two things. One, THANK YOU, above all else that may rattle from my tongue from time to time for allowing this simple man a really great life. And two, I’ve learned…..I really have learned. As much as I’ve seen and explored and experienced, you still learn.

226765_453489324718538_575383135_n_optNOW! I have been soooooo waiting for this moment. I can’t tell you how excited I was to share this with you, but was waiting for it to actually happen. I was asked to do a podcast a few weeks ago. I listened to their previous one’s and thought, “Hmmm. This could be fun.” And boy was it. It was one of the best afternoon’s I’ve spent in a long time. These two interviewers were clever and fun. Accommodating, poignant….and ridiculously laughable. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time. I’m grateful to them for inviting me to sit in on their show. I hope they’ll ask me back, because I really did have a great time. So, thank you Tim and Olivier!

I hope you’ll take a listen. You’ll learn some interesting things about me I often don’t write about here.  Click here, get comfy, and laugh with us 🙂




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  1. It sounds trite to say “everything happens for a reason” but I think it’s true. Sometimes you can pick out the reason shortly after an event. Sometimes it takes a lifetime.

    I’m sorry about your bike. Who knows? Since you’ve had this epiphany, the universe might just send it your way again.

  2. OK, Gregory. You’ve got my interest. I listened to your entire podcast episode and I went online and bought your Kindle book – I think it’s your first one, The Waiter and the Fly. I want to read them in order, assuming you are a good writer. You are a good writer. Dang it. It’s really good. Now I want you even more to join us in our Yarn Along. You could do photos of your book along with what you are knitting. These ladies will eat you up like butter mixed with truffle oil. That interview was INSANE but I can’t help but like you. You are odd, but in a delightful sort of way. Anyways, I’m off to read more of your book.

    1. In trying to log into WordPress (grr) some of my comments got lost. What I said was that I am taking a media break during June but come and check out my blog, take a look at the Yarn Along, listen to some of my interviews. I only have a few on there right now, but I would love to add an interview with you if you would like to do that. I will reach out to you in July when I am back online and maybe we could set something up?

  3. Sorry about the continuing bike saga. Liked listening to the podcast and learning more about you. Very impressed that you were in Berlin at such a pivotal point in history. One I never thought I would see. And then it happened.

  4. I am so glad you are able to see the lessons and laugh at yourself. You are really going places, not physically. I am always being given lessons but it took me a while to recognise them. Well done, full of admiration for you xxx

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