Why Not 100?

IMG_1444So, like most people, I wake with a goal. I have something to finish, or something to start, or something to accomplish. This morning while finishing up some bears, I decided while I was knitting, I could be selling books. Then I heard myself ask, “How many? How many books do you want to sell today?” I proudly rose my chin and said, “Why not 100?” Sure! Why not? With the miracle of the internet and a good attitude, why can’t I sell 100 books today? I can prove to myself that anything is possible. As long as it is conceived, it can be achieved, right? And this would be a great lesson in the internet histories that will be bleeped and tweeted out in the future. Yes, you CAN sell 100 books if you put your mind and ambition to it. Not to mention, do you have ANY idea how much selling 100 books would go to help? Not only would an entire month of expenses be taken care of, but I could spend a little more time really finishing up teddy bears. Now, if you already have your copy, tell someone about it. Or! If you know a website where it might be appreciated, let me know about it! If you have promotional ideas, or places where it would best be seen, let me know! Put all your ideas in the comments section. Now, the books will take about 2 weeks to be delivered. I certainly don’t have 100 on hand, so I’ll have to order them, sign them, then mail them out. But, we have already sold about 40 copies since it was released, which is truly not bad. NOT bad at all. But, 100 is better 🙂 Even if you can’t snag a copy, by all means give me some ideas you have. I am so proud of this book because it’s about US, and many of you are mentioned. So, I know in my heart we can accomplish this together. It’s 10am on the east coast. I’m ready to get started 🙂 Let’s have fun! IMG_1439     To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” or a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here.  If you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate. Every dollar helps!

oh! I forgot! I still have these two guys left to adopt! Just click the pic of the one you’d like to take home!




      1. If you’re trying to sell knitting patterns, you should probably hang in Ravelry regularly. There are lots of forums your bears would appeal in. Look up “Teddy” “Bear” and “Charity” in the groups tab to find your markets.

  1. I’m in two minds about this comment because I’m sure you said at some point that you want to sell independently but … I’m in the UK, and anything I order from the US would have high postage costs, VAT, and extra handling charges from the Royal Mail because of the VAT issue. I.e. very high admin costs (I’d rather the money went to you). If I could buy the book over here (or via Amazon UK) then the postage costs would be less, and the handling charge would fall away. I’ve already got the PDF version, but a “real” book signed by you would be cool. 🙂
    BTW, I first heard about you on Ravelry and decided to “check you out” and am glad I’ve done so.
    Good luck with your 100!

    1. I know what you mean. Because the book is almost 600 pages, the weight is about 3 pounds and cost basically the price of the book to sell outside the states. I am working on a deal with a friend in the Netherlands to send a bunch of books to him and he would send them through Europe. But, still in the early planning stages! Thanks so much!

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