Goals Never Die

IMG_1436Well, I missed my deadline of selling enough books by 5pm today. But, it doesn’t mean that all of my work was for nothing, right? Goals never die. They may sleep for a minute, get a detour, or even stall for a second to take a breather, but goals never die.

I had hoped that I would sell 100 copies of my book “Will Knit For Food,” by Friday night. Highly ambitious, isn’t it? Well, should ambition be big? Saying I was going to sell 1o0 was better than saying “Sell what I can.” No, I had a goal, a destination, a number I had targeted and was reaching for. By this morning (it is now Monday), I had only sold 12 copies. And I am so THANKFUL for those 12 copies. If I had not told myself to aim big, I probably wouldn’t have sold any, but I sold 12, which is really something to be proud of.

Never waver from belief in yourself, you’ll do just fine. Any and every step forward is a success. Goals never die, only the desire to reach the goal fades away. And my goals are in no way of fading any time soon. So, I’ll shoot for 100 copies again. 100 copies of my autographed book pays for 1 month of expenses, but even more so, it builds a fire inside me to extend past my own limits and self expectations.

If I get those copies sold by Wednesday at 5pm, I can order all of my books in bulk and save big. Not all of my royalties will be eaten up in printing and shipping charges. Then I can take that money and move it towards my future. I can hold true to my dream of one day walking into my own home, with no fear that someone will ask me to leave.

I’m ready to start heading towards the future, ready to stop stagnating, ready to enthrall millions with my dorky smile 🙂 But, I can’t do it without you. In return, I promise to make you proud, promise to do right with this knitting craft and give it some wonderful purpose, and above all, I promise to be here when you need me, to support you and never allow you to let your own dreams fade. Every book that gets sold, gets me closer to that reality. So, 100 copies by Wednesday, with 12 under our belt, that’s 88 steps towards a really bright, optimistic future, for not only me, but for this blog, for all of us that enjoy this craft, and a great moment in crafting history when a once homeless man proved that knitting was more than just a hobby. So, let’s do this together. 🙂

IMG_1439     To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” or a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here. 

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it continue, please donate. Every dollar helps!

By the way, I still have these two little bears that haven’t been adopted yet. If you’d like to take one home, just click on his picture. Ready to ship with a signed card by me.





  1. Could you please do a brief blurb of yourself and your book with a link to order that we, your faithful followers, could share on FB? I’m sure you have that somewhere but the easier you make it, the more likely peeps will pass it on!

  2. ACK! I clicked on the picture of the brown bear to look at it more closely and it went right to paypal as if I had bought it!!! I don’t need to buy this right now so please do whatever magic you can to delete that as an order!!! But if it helps any, I am in the middle of reading your book and it is GREAT! But I really don’t need another teddy – I already have one! Thanks

  3. Patrick, you fabulous goal-setter you! Here’s a thought about wider promotion — why don’t you ask folks who have followed your blog for a while, and/or those who have read even part of the book, to write short reviews that you or they can post on facebook and other social media? People are always so willing to help, and feel so glad when they can; you’ll do your fan club a favor by giving them such an opportunity to support YOUR goals. I have your book (autographed), but it sits on my bedside table unread because I ooze into bed every night too pooped to pop. Or read. So I hereby commit myself to dig into it, read a considerable portion, then write and post some thoughts about it on my FB page and on my blog. Only caveat — that last part won’t happen before Wednesday as I’m preparing for a show this weekend. Be well!!

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