If Ever a Post Should Go Viral…

….then this is the one.

Marianne Decher suggested I should do a quick blurb about my book so that it could be shared on social media. I quickly took to task and did what was asked. It’s hard to contain in a few sentences five years of this journey from homeless to entrepreneur.

dscf2729Knitting has a reputation for helping relieve stress, but I never thought that it would be the one thing that saved my life. I had taught myself to knit somewhere around 2005, and had used it as a method of therapy for a strenuous time in my life. But, in 2007 picking up the needles had become a manic moment of escapism, spending every waking minute knitting myself away from a job that was slowly killing me. In 2010 I left that job, arrogantly thinking that anyone would be lucky to hire me…..but, I was wrong, and within months I had become homeless.

Living in the woods, 20 miles from the nearest town, I had resigned myself to failure. With no prospects of a job and no transportation, I began knitting teddy bears to sell, using whatever tools and skills I had to provide an income for myself. When my first teddy bear sold I took back my life and made knitting my profession. The same tools I had used for escaping, were now forcing me into a new reality, and within a few short years, I went from homeless…to entrepreneur. “Will Knit For Food” is not only my journey through the craft as I struggled to find a place to live, and food to eat, but how I used the craft of knitting as a means of survival. Through passages that implore optimism and hope, YOU can be inspired to do the same.

And THAT is it in a nutshell. YOU can be inspired to do the same. YOU CAN! There are all sorts of books about knitting on the market, and how to do it, what to do with it, but there are so few books that really capture the life that it can give you. There are very few books on the meditation of knitting, of the contemplative nature of its repetition, nor of its deeply soulful ability to allow you to connect with yourself in times of heartache and danger. And I honestly think my book does that. It shows through my own struggles that YOU CAN SURVIVE.

willknitcoversmallSo, if ever a post of mine should go viral, then this is the one. This is my calling card. This is my announcement to the world at large of who I am, and what my book represents.

Click here to grab an autographed copy.



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