The Carolyn Herr Project

I have to say one of the best parts of this journey of mine has been the amazing people I have come across. And as I hope to achieve some level of success, I’ll hope to finally be able to fully claim that I am no danger of ever being homeless again….and in full circle, return back all the kindness and support that has been shown to me. And in any capacity I can, I’ll do so.

11401144_10155600804145307_1644059178064926179_nI recently met Carolyn Herr, who offered to send me some yarn. You see, Carolyn sells her crocheted things at a crafts table and uses the proceeds to help the homeless. She helps pay for more than food, but also toiletries, underwear, socks, and coats.

She asked if I could use one of the skeins to make a bear for her table and use the profits to keep her project going, and in return I could keep the rest of the yarn for myself.

I’ll one up her 🙂 When given the chance, I’ll use all of that yarn to whip up a bear and send it to her, using that massive stash to repay in some way the blessings bestowed upon me, knowing that the craft I used to survive on will help others do the same.

And now, The Carolyn Herr Project is in the running for a grant from Mission Street Grants and Chase Bank. The more votes she gets for her project, the more she has a chance of winning a very much needed grant to help pay for a van to help distribute to those in need. And I love that. I truly do.

So! If you have a moment, and want to help, all you have to do is vote. Go here, and simply click “vote.” But, you have to act fast. She only has 2 days, until June 19th, to finish collecting her votes.

If you’d like to know more about her work, check out her facebook page.

….and thank you all. Any time something like this comes up, I’m more than happy to offer whatever I can.

I was lucky. I got out in 3 years. Some aren’t so fortunate.

Now, go vote! And thank you!




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