It’s OK to Want More

Phillip and I have officially moved. As a matter of fact, I started moving out of my little 10×20 apartment last Saturday. The electric wouldn’t be transferred from the old place to the new place until Monday. So, we spent the weekend moving my books and yarn into our new apartment. The only thing left in my old apartment Sunday night was a mattress on the floor…..which is exactly how it looked the first night I moved in 3 years ago. Me, Mario, and a mattress on the floor.

When I moved in there we had been homeless and had nothing. But, we had a place to live and that was all I wanted. And that last Sunday night in that little apartment I was allowed a moment to regress, think about the past, the future. I was afforded the moment to think on how far I had come in just a short while. Five years of praying, of waiting, of hoping…..And it all came back to a mattress on the floor. And I told myself Sunday night that I wouldn’t go back there again. I wouldn’t be homeless again. I wouldn’t want for a meal. I wouldn’t WANT.

With head comforted on a sweaty pillow, I lay in bed with bright eyes headed toward the heavens and said, “It’s over….For good.”

And it took an awfully long time to feel, TO FEEL, that I deserved more than I had. I felt guilty for wanting a better life. I felt guilty for wanting a couch to sit on, a new desk to write on. I felt guilty for wanting more.

But,  not anymore. 🙂 I had always said that I wanted to do more than survive. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to be successful. We all know that it isn’t material things that make a man successful, but rather, his desire to do right by the world, to protect his family, and to follow his heart to the fullest. And what made this leap so cleanly was that I wanted to take care of my family. My big franken-freak of a husband and his new best friend, Mario. I wanted more than anything to take care of them, give them a great life, a safe and spacious place to live, and a good meal on the table every night. And I did it. I sleep at night realizing THAT is what has made me successful. I am taking care of my family.

IMG_2088So, we’ve moved into a very nice apartment in a posh part of town. And now it’s my job to keep it, hold onto it…..and accept the gifts the Universe, God, have given me. A loving partner, a best bud in a cat, a great career, safety….and all of you.

Thank you all so much for this amazing life. I’ll never stop thanking you for that. So get used to it!

I think I’ll do 100 more signed copies of “Will Knit For Food” then I think my “virtual” book signing tour will be over.

willknitcoversmallThis is the story of how I knit my way out of homelessness. To order an autographed copy of “Will Knit For Food” click here, or for a Limited Edition personalized, signed paperback copy with t-shirt, click here.

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  1. I am so happy for you, Phillip and Mario. You want what most of us want which is to take care of our family and to know that we make them happy just by being there for them. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

  2. We’re all so much more thankful for this turnaround in your life. And yes, you are correct – you deserve a better life – you’ve earned everything & everyone you have in your life – and that includes all of us who follow you on social media.

    Happy new apartment!!!

  3. And it was worth the wait! From the bottom of my heart, I say “CONGRATULATIONS”! I couldn’t be happier for you & Mario!

  4. Gregory, I wish you and Phillip the best of all things. In the past I have enjoyed doing original needlepoint copies of paintings by two of my friends. I did those for my own collection, but have had them exhibited a few times. I look forward to reading your book. May God Bless! Tom

  5. Your place looks wonderful, Comfortable safe and filled with love and gratitude. Funny how guilt hits us at times. But you worked hard to get where you are now and you took the leap to TRUST in the goodness of others and in yourself. Your sharing with us is a huge gift, thank you!

  6. 💜❤️💗Much prosperity and love in your new home, little family!💜❤️💗 The Lord bless you with every fat blessing and may you have a long and very happy life together….
    So very proud of you, Gregory.

  7. Congratulations on making your dreams become reality. I don’t know why we have a hard time feeling like we deserve good things but I recognize that feeling. I am sending wishes for a long and happy life together for the three of you.

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